Well then...

After much proding (Prodding? Off to a fine start here...) and poking I have finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and begin getting aquainted with the Giant Bomb community, I mean, I have one hope here, that Jeff Gerstmann is actually a God and my friend is just not a fanboy waiting to swallow his load and gargle his undying love for him through thick layers of semen. Grosse.


Yeah. I am a pretty big gamer (Well, WAS being the best word but due to working 6/7 days a week I dont have time or energy anymore), mainly focusing on my sisters beautiful giant black box of delight the Playstation 3, only problem is, I cant seem to sit down and play a game anymore these days, nothing can hold my attention. Well nothing but Lego Star Wars anyway...

Seriously, that game is the best co-op experience I have ever experienced, the only downside being is that it has put a serious strain on my and my sisters friendship as for some apparent reason, it is hilarious to wait until a well planned jump to throw some lightning at your partner and watch them fall. Always a good time filled with an abundance of swearing. I'm extremely happy with the replayability the game has aswell, seriously, soooo much to collect and unlock it drives me mental!

The last game I tried to get into was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Which is a decent game, don't get me wrong, game is a frickin good time waster but, I don't believe it was worth the $90AUD price tag, in the beginning I thought so, but as I played on I realised something, I'd been fighting the same enemies repeatedly no matter what location I went to, the final stake through the heart was when so mix things up they gave me two of the same enemy to defeat instead of the normal one. So it was quickly returned for Metal Gear Solid 4.

I was a major fan of Metal Gear Solid 3, loved everything about it, played it religiously every day for hours on end, always enthused, but, my fricking god, people weren't fucking about when they talked about the amount of cut scenes in the god damn thing. I enjoy a good cut scene or two before or after a mission but breaking up a mission for a 20 minute piece of crap on DNA is just a little bit of bullshit I believe, then their was the unskippable cutscenes inbetween acts to try and get through, but at least you had the tiny little Metal Gear to play around with (Although it is really wrong that you can't sit there and whip Sunny for half an hour). I honestly don't enjoy it on a level as much as other people apparently have, I mean, decent yes, but thats about as far as it goes, walking around for 15 minutes hiding from a guy is not my way of having a good time, I mean, Act 3 isn't even tense following around that resistance wanker, plus Otacons bitching when I decide to let loose and pop him in the skull gets annoying.

I have a Wii also, it is kinda busy sitting there at the moment to do anything mentionable, I gave MadWorld a try but it just couldn't hold my interest very long. I'm hoping Fat Princess will suck me in though with some beautifuly chaotic online battles.

Thats about all from me at this present time.