Back to gaming in the new year

I was lucky enough to receive a Halo 4 edition Xbox for Christmas from pops. After not having a recent generation system to game on for a good six to eight months, I think it's time to get back into the swing of things. The console, of coures, came with a copy of Halo 4, which I've been playing constantly, And, then, I have Dark Souls: The game that I had beaten right before getting rid of my console. Looks like I'll be playing around with these for a while in January and probably jump into Spec Ops The Line or find myself another lengthy RPG to get going in February. Along with that, my boy SquirrelNuckle will be helping me build my own gaming PC. Hello Hotline Miami. And since I've already purchased Team Fortress 2 on a Mac I couldn't run it on, I got that going for me.

So, I'm looking forward to the new year, and looking forward to catching up on all of those damn games I missed in 2012. After seeing some of these GOTY videos, It looks like I've got quite a few gems to get through.

Happy new year, fools.



I don't think I like RPG's...

 So I picked up Dragon Age Origins for 360. Played it for about 10+ hours. After that I completely stopped. What I played was fun and pretty fucking interesting but I could NOT get into it anymore. I mean this is an A+ game loved by many so why shouldn't I enjoy it too?  I'm not sure what it is about this genre for me really but I just lose interest. I can sit down and play 5 hours of Halo 3 muliplayer repeating the same thing over and over all night but I can't finish a silly quest revealing all sorts of things about an awesome deep storyline? Shouldn't I be interested in that? Well I thought I was. 
Well anyway, It became this boring, grueling game. Along with other RPG's from the last couple years, I just can't seem to keep going. Maybe I just don't care for the gameplay; stopping to heal, massive inventories or selecting spells. Whatever it may be, i think from now on I will not be picking up any more to play. I mean for christ's sake, I played through Deathspank and had a ball. I loved Zelda for N64 and Gameboy as well as playing almost all of the portable Pokemon games when I was a kid. What gives?