The best music ever to be released in any game ever for evers.

I feel the title sums it up pretty poorly, but heeeeeere we go! 

List items

  • Spine tingling stuff.

  • Stuart Copeland is a great human being, I could listen to this music for the rest of my life and not get bored by it.

    Ok, I could listen to it intermittently for the rest of my life and not get bored with it.

  • The fact that Michael Jackson can never again work on a video game soundtrack makes me sad.

  • The first Playstation game I ever played, I was 7 at the time, and absolutely wowed by the 3D graphics, and the fact that the game was on a CD! But more than that, the thing that stuck with me was the ethereal, occasionally slightly haunting music. Croc sucked at sidestepping, but he had great taste.

  • Dark, deep, violent and brooding. The musical themes in the Oddoworld games can be classed as their own characters. One particular section of Oddysee stands out to me as a triumph of ambient music, and of course, it involves Paramites. As soon as one becomes many, the slow, ominous clangs and bells in the background get hit with what sounds like a dump truck, growing to fever pitch in seconds as you sprint for your life, chased by creatures who are faster than you by a country mile. Awesome stuff.

  • Expansive and moody. Muah!

  • Almost every track is catchy, relates well to the surroundings of the level, and makes you feel like a real man. Maybe not that last part.

  • Serious business.

  • Music that appears at the most badass of moments. Like the trip to see Dr. Breen (R.I.P. :( )

  • Bouncy and imaginative.