something about jake

less than jake never ceases to amaze me.  i don't own a single record from them yet their shows are frekn good everytime i see them.  they've really got their punk ska down; not too much noise to drown the ska elements of their music.

before i forget... too

last night i had a dream that id was making a cell shaded first person shooter w/ elements of sqaud base. 

not like XIII.  but visuals look more like team fortress 2.  basically a single-player mission version of TF2.  kinda like how bad company was for battlefield series.

BUT this was a game for the next generation, not current systems.  why?  advance AI i guess.

first part of game was like Half Life, not carrying anything, your walking around in a hospital in some sort of business park.  eventually, somehow you get strapped into a power suit.  [Note: your suit kinda look like the terminator squad armor from space marines in warhammer 40k.]

in this first level you get 2 team mates who believed it was wrong for them to have put the suit on you and want to help you get out of the hospital.

here's where the advance AI comes, enemy can come in squad.  in this encounter.  enemy had 2 people on point, a main squad consisting of 4 or 5 people, and 2 people lagging in the back to provide cover fire.  this was played out in a cubicle environment in the hosptial level.  (i apologize if this kind of AI is already present in something like Halo 3.  haven't been playing games lately)

the other interesting part was the next thing that happened was the 2 enemy point men physically subdue me and one of them bust out an electric screw driver trying to unscrew the screws and take their suit back.  i guess i was playing the PS4 version bc when this happened the screen goes into another mode where when you see an enemy hand unscrewing screws, the dual shock 4 would vibrate.  and you would have to use ps4 motion controller to grab enemy's hand and fight it off. 

it's not fair for me to make this kind of statement bc i haven't really played this generation.  but in my opinion, i think this generation (360, ps3) hasn't offered much.  i mean it's pretty much been last generaion's games but with higher resolutions and better visuals.  again i apologize for not having to play most of this generation's stuff.

it was just making me think.  bc i think gaming made that first big siginificant jump when Half-Life 1 was introduced.  the AI you remember reading that article on a video game magazine where the reporter had to fight in a small room of 3 enemies and the enemy had never done stuff in previous games.  like throwing a grenade at enemy, enemy will cuss and tell everybody to run off.  i just wonder when that kinda moment will arrive for this generation; i mean we have the hardware to potentially do something.  i know i know AI progamming is one of the most difficult things to do.  it reminds me of when there was girl i knew doing CS major at UCB talking about writing an AI program of rewarding the bot for faster times running around the track.

i wonder what the next generation will be like.