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PArty Time!!! Excellent!!!

Tonight has been a good night.  I went partying with a bunch of my friends.  I'm at home now because I have to go to work in the morning, but it has been an awesome night.  I had to play catch up though because I arrived late,  but three shots of Patron caught me up quick.  It is very hard to type this right now, but I just...I dont know.  Felt the need to type something.  So anyways.  I think that I am going to pop in Star Trek: Insurrection right now and fall asleep. 


I'm Very Excite!!!!


Well I caved.  After all of the suggestions on my last blog to get a portable gaming system, I did.  I got myself a shiny new Nintendo DSi.  Its shiny and black and very very sexy.  I had an old DS Lite a few years back till my ex stepped on it and broke it (one of many reasons I broke up with him, and thats a story for another day).  It is so amazingly perfect.  The game that I picked up for it is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.  I am not very far into it, but from what I have played, It is extremely addicting.  It is such a treat to be able to view the story of Organization XIII and to see how Roxas and Axel were before Roxas lost his memory.  I cannot wait to play the game with a fully charged system. 
But anyways...Today is a much more relaxed day then yesterday thats for sure.  All of the problems that I have on my desk now are just nit picky things that are low low low priority.  I am totally just relaxing on a real lunch break and eating a delicious sandwich from the deli downstairs.  It is called the Monterey.  Roast Beef, Roasted Mushrooms, and Monterey Jack Cheese on a Sweet French Roll.  Omg.  Soooooo good.  :D


Stressing the Fuck Out!!!!

As some of you may or may not know, my job is high stress.  We just moved buildings and everything is up and running...Almost.  There are two people who cannot get any work done because of a program called ProSystem fX.  One person cannot open any Microsoft Office applications because the Engagement portion of the Prosystem program is causing Word, Excel, and Outlook to crash constantly or not even open.  Sometimes Office works, and sometimes it doesn't.  This is making it very hard to pinpoint the problem because if it works when I get over to his office, I have nothing to view problem wise.  No error codes or anything.   
The other problem is that our Scan Server cannot be accessed.  I have been in the server room multiple times only to find that it is plugged in and lit up, yet it cannot be accessed at all.  This is driving me absolutly banana sandwich.  I need a really good stress outlet.  Video Games are not working for me 100% because I have not been home enough to play them (yesterday excluded).  Right now I am waiting for the Xerox guy to show up so that they can help me configure a new scanner/copy machine/printer.  Xerox is really picky about how they configure.   
Anyways, I just really needed to vent a little.  Thanks for reading my problems.

Killer Night Alone Ahead

Well I just got home from work like a half hour ago and I have a fantastic evening alone planned,  My PS3 will NOT be running games tonight.  It will be running movies and TV shows.  I purchased the complete first season of the original Star Trek and Star Trek First Contact on Blu-Ray.  I am a huge Star Trek fan, but have not seen First Contact.  I am itching to pop it into my PS3 to watch, but I have to wait for my Coors Light (my favorite beer) to chill.  Call me a freak for having a beer alone, but know this.  I don't give a rats ass.  :D 
When the movie film is over, I might play some of my newly downloaded Zombie Apocalypse.  But that is only if I don't fall asleep first.  Its been a long weekend and day full of double digit hours of work.  
A bit of a side note here.  If there are any Giant Bombers who play Soul Calibur 4, Little Big Planet, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, or Killzone 2 (all on the PS3) online, send me your PSN ID especially for Soul Calibur 4.  I need some people to play with.  :'(   


Exaustion Continues Today

So last night I was at work from 9 am to around 10:30 pm.  Well I am leaving to go to work AGAIN in less the 20 minutes (its about a quarter after 6 right now).  I am borderline exhausted.  I did the same thing on Saturday and on Friday last week, so I basically had no weekend.  If you don't know what I do for a living, please view my previous blog that I posted on my dinner break last night. 
I have no idea how long I am going to be at work tonight.  I just really really need a day off, but sadly that is not in the cards.  Valkyria Chronicles needs playing darn it.  :'(   
I feel like I am just ranting now, so I am going to stop.  Sleep Deprivation is not a good thing.


Another Evening Down the Drain

Well here I am for the second day of my weekend in a row at work.  This totally sucks because I NEVER work weekends.  You see, I am the Director of Technology (network administrator) for a small (21 employees including myself) law firm.  We just moved offices on Friday, and here I am trying to get the network up and running tonight before 7:00 am tomorrow morning.  I am taking a short dinner break right now because I need to eat.    
I am sitting here right now typing this up with a single serving of Kraft Easy Mac (I have a second one as backup in my desk drawer) and a 20 OZ Pepsi.  This is so not the way that I wanted to spend my Sunday night.  At least I have the internet running on my PC and I can wire it to play music all around the entire office so that I don't go crazy here by myself.  This just pisses me off because of all of the other things that I could be doing right now.  I could be on the PS3 trying to get past the damn Desert Mission on Valkyria Chronicles, going to the movies with my friends, or on a date.  But no.  I have to fucking work.  Oh well.  At least its going to give me one hell of a paycheck. 
Someone amuse me while I sit here bored.


Banishment - A Sad State of Affairs

It is always a sad thing when someone is banished from somewhere.  For those of you that do not know, banishment is when someone is told that they have to leave somewhere and never return.  I know what it is like to be banished.  I was a very happy and contributing member of another gaming website for a long time *cough*GAMERNOOK*cough*  When the site recently fell into a perpetual state of adolescence, I went ahead and pissed off the wrong person (some young punk that they made a moderator).   
You see this other site has a built in chatroom.  I was in there one late night and left myself in there while I went to prepare dinner one night.   Apparently someone took my silence in the chatroom as an insult and sent me many vulgar messages in my inbox.  You know "Your mom is a horse," "You smell like cabbage," "Your mother uses Macintosh," the classics.  So I retorted with my own message and long story short, the banhammer was dropped on me.  I got banned for making a sandwich and defending myself.  Classy stuff huh. 
I have spent the last couple of days searching for a new place to call home.  I have heard about the community here at Giant Bomb and heard that it is much more sophisticated and mature the many other gaming sites.  I am looking to make this place my new home so I hope that the rumors about the community are true.  I'm going to spend the next couple of hours perusing the site and getting to know where everything is.  Hopefully I'll get to know some of you very soon.  If I like what I see here, I'll post an about me soon.