ENDANGERED SPECIES: Split-screen gaming

I don't know about you, but I've been noticing lately (particularly this generation) that the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been missing out on all the split screen games!  What's the big deal?  Practically every multiplayer game last generation had split screen.  Is it all of the sudden too hard to put it in?  No, developers are just getting lately.  Perfect examples of this are Need for Speed: Undercover, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Burnout Paradise, and many other games (not just racing games, mind you).

I think all the developers nowadays are gettin' too used to people using Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network for their gaming with friends that they just think that everyone has it now.  Well, some people (like me) have friends that don't have online gaming, or any gaming console for that matter.  This just ruins some games for me and makes time with friends a lot less enjoyable.

I really hope split screen gaming won't meet its fate soon.  It's the best peripheral for multiplayer and I would be really sad if it dies.  To whom who disagree and think split screen doesn't matter; it does.  Not everyone has online, or a console for that matter.  Either you're rich or just don't have any friends in real life.

Kinda a chaotic first blog but... yeah, thanks for reading.  Just a reminder; this blog is entirely my opinion regardless if anything was stated as a fact.  Just my opinion, people!  So don't get so P.O.'d if you happen to disagree with anything I said here.