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Games I Rented

A list of games I've rented with recommendations for the rest of you.

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  • Not a game most of us would normally buy, but for a movie tie-in, this game is surprisingly good. If you have someone else to play with (a partner, friend or child) then the Toy Box will give you hours of fun. Recommendation: Rent it.

  • I had an oddly paradoxical experience playing this game - I'm too impatient to play it stealthily, so I ended up gunning my way through it, which made me feel like I was missing out on all the fun stealth action. I always felt like I might have been 'playing it wrong'. Nonetheless, definitely a fun game. Recommendation: Rent it.

  • Didn't play much of this myself but from what I saw from watching my girlfriend play it, and from her opinion, this is a bland, dull platformer with very little going for it. I didn't even see much that expanded on the Wall-E fiction if you just want to play it for that. Recommendation: Avoid it.

  • Insane. Just a crazy experience throughout. Well worth playing though. Recommendation: Rent it.

  • I was skeptical to try this, considering the amount of criticism it received but personally, I really enjoyed it. A fun little story, plenty of variety and an awesome soundtrack. Sure, the faux-RTS stuff was a little awkward, but enjoyable nonetheless. Recommendation: Rent it.

  • I hadn't heard much about this game, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got around to playing it. Definitely a neat FPS with some interesting mechanics and a fun plot. Recommendation: Rent it.

  • Got this after seeing it on Hamz' Best of 2010. Most definitely a kart racer, but a really fun one with some great variety in tracks, characters and power-ups - and plenty to keep you busy if you like collectibles/achievements. Recommendation: Rent it, or buy it if you can find it cheap and want something to pop in for a brief race every now and again.