Some maybe crazy ramblings about the 48 laws of power and quotes

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

- Nietzsche

Play to People’s Fantasies

The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant.  Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes for disenchantment.  Life is so harsh and distressing that people who can manufacture romance or conjure up fantasy are like oases in the desert:  Everyone flocks to them. There is great power in tapping into the fantasies of the masses.

-From 48 laws of power

Makes a lotta sense…

Though I would say it’s not really a fantasy if you can recreate it in the world… It’s just that it’s nearly impossible in it’s current state…

For a couple years… I’ve always thirsted after what I thought was the “truth”… After realizing a couple of things that made me really sad… and ANGRY, I’ve talked with a lot of people to get their opinions on it… and maybe try to snap out of it or maybe to get them to see the things that I see… and be angry with me lol.

One thing that I am quite sure of is that… We need to face the truth if we want to remake all of it..

Preach the Need for Change, but Never Reform too much at Once

Everyone understands the need for change in the abstract, but on the day-to-day level people are creatures of habit.  Too much innovation is traumatic, and will lead to revolt.  If you are new to a position of power, or an outsider trying to build a power base, make a show of respecting the old way of doing things.  If change is necessary, make it feel like a gentle improvement on the past.

Well I guess I can kind of understand how it’s traumatic since I was traumatized by changes myself…

I am quite sure exactly what I want… But the only way possible to make my ideas come to life is to become that guy that uses these tricks and manipulates people to do what I think is “good.”

It’s kind of like a fairy tale or a drama in that… The guy full of heart and courage goes up against the tides by himself… And if he had nothing to lose he might make an impact but not for long and he’ll die without the world ever knowing of him… Or undermining his causes or himself.

While the guy with a bit of manipulation and heart leads and unites his people and revolts successfully?

I’ve been having this idea about a movie for quite awhile that is kind of similar to what I said up there ^.


Do Not Build Fortresses to Protect Yourself – Isolation is Dangerous

The world is dangerous and enemies are everywhere – everyone has to protect themselves.  A fortress seems the safest. But isolation exposes you to more dangers than it protects you from – it cuts you off from valuable information, it makes you conspicuous and an easy target.  Better to circulate among people find allies, mingle.  You are shielded from your enemies by the crowd.

Damn I’ve always thought fighting by yourself against a pack was the coolest thing someone can do… I guess I learned these lessons the hard way… except I still like fighting by myself and not getting help from other people…


Think as you like but Behave like others

If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them.  They will find a way to punish you for making them feel inferior.  It is far safer to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness.

I am kind of like this… and it makes it all the more ironic that I LIKE behaving different from others. So yeah a lotta people give me crap for it, some people like it ALOT. But I’ve always felt that it was the right thing to do since I am being truthful to myself. And not being embrassed for who I am… Though constant crap and humiliation from other people can make you alittle timid to show ur true self.


Though the part that I want attention and that I look down on others sometimes is quite true. I want attention so I could change their attitude maybe… and I guess I’ve always had a bit of a manipulation as trait myself. I wanted to change their attitude so they would stop doing things that I thought was stupid and wrong. And then I looked down on them cause they were doing things I considered stupid. To each his own I guess but if someone doesn’t play this part then nothing will change and crap will pile on top of each other.

I feel like I learned that… Love and Hate circulate in this world. If you give a bit of love to someone… even though he’s always had hate in his whole life then maybe he’ll go like hmm… I feel good now, I wonder why he did all these things for me… Maybe I should be more like that to someone.

And if you spew hate upon the world, then that’ll circulate and it’ll be like the ring of love and hate lol.

Changing people’s attitudes and beliefs is something that the media already has a handle on… And I got to say I don’t like how they’re doing their job one bit cause they’re just reinforcing and using the principals of power in a way that I think is wrong.

Showing people “fantasy” and people who seem like they’re better than everyone… And maybe just reinforcing stupid ideas that’s not helpful to the progressive and helpful causes…. Just for the sake OF RATINGS!!!

Oh people don’t like to be told the ugly ugly truth, they just want to be reminded of the stylish and some things that could happen if their lives were just a little bit different!! But it’s exactly that reason that we always have CRAP that we don’t deal with in the world.

So everyone will just leave their crap in the world for someone else to clean but that time might never come and everyone will always be sad in this corner of reality while they’re all living out their fantasy in the fantasy land.

If our condition were truly happy, we would not seek diversion from it in order to make ourselves happy.

- Blaise Pascal

It’s kinda like alcohol and weed in that we use it to escape a bit in reality… but it’s only making things better for a short time while crap just keeps piling on and on.

So yeah let’s let the ring of stupidity and ugliness as a human race keep on going, and let’s keep on living this life to escape the exact hell were LIVING ON YAY!!!!

Keep your bubble bursting for a long time or else you’ll have a lotta crap to deal with.

That you maybe can’t deal with unless you have SO MUCH POWUH!!! That not everyone has and only the “privileged” have…

Yep I am guessing the human race will be remembered as not quite intelligent species by the universe for a long time to come.

Hell yeah I love living with these fail people where the only true heroes and martyrs come once in a million years and nobody really honors them, the truly courageous and heroic of people are only acted by the people in media…

And nobody really has the balls to become like them.

So fail.


The child raised in turmoil, conflict, and prejudice.

Someone who's been out in society for some time... and lives in a Nation which is contradictorial to his ethnicity will understand more of what I am saying...
Imagine a boy... who's sent off into "enemy" territory and just because of this he experiences conflict, loneliness and feels different.

It's natural for humans to feel the need to belong. To feel like he has a team like his own nation that's behind his back, and knows how he feels.
But imagine when this boy that was sent off into enemy territory and experiences discrimination, contempt and everyone treats him like his an outcast. It's natural for him to psychologically feel stronger to the "team" that everyone thinks he is.
But also imagine when this boy. who was raised in "enemy" territory... and the group that he ALWAYS THOUGHT he was a part of. also thinks he is different, or a traitor just because he was raised in another's territory and accepted some of their values and tradition. A little bit of their way of life and thought...
Don't you think he would feel immense loneliness, hatred, the need to prove these enemies wrong, and to finally succeed? in whatever his quest is?
In this societies system that's based on competition. I believe that the child who has experienced these emotions as a kid. and which for him the world was a living hell more so than others who have had a group to confide with and trust. Than I belive that in the end these experiences will have given him iron will, the need to succeed in competition against all odds. And that these feelings generally are positive in a competition such as sports.
Let's take African Americans for example. They have had tremendous success in sports and some people think this is because they're genetically stronger.
But I don't really think that at all. Maybe geneticism has a little to do with it. But I believe that your psychology and what you think can actually influence your bodies anatomy and little by little but surely be able to change your body.
If you stand tall than you'll grow a few inches bigger. If you think too much. Thinking uses up a lot of energy so unless you replenish that energy by eating a lot of food than you'll become skinnier.
These hatred, prejudice, and turmoil. can at first make you depressed and lonely, but you'll learn quicker that the only person you can REALLY trust is yourself. And that's kind of a positive in this society of competition. Also the hatred... The need to prove yourself... And determination... Being molded by turmoil and harsh realities will give rise to a person who has the will to make it to the top in this society.
Competition and Humanities. These are like a flip of a coin but we need both of them and that's what define humans as a species.
It's just that our system has gone more and more getting based off the spirit of competition. and the Humanities side. is rather getting ignored, more and more.
America is living better than most countries but go to a country that comes out the worst side of this global exchange, free trade agreements, and competition of corporatism.
You'll see in there eyes, and you can even feel it in the air that these people have toughened their soul and hearts and become rather cold.
But as they say light does not rule in the world of darkness(or something like that...), In this society which has broken the balance of a "balancing board". The person who has the spirt of competition the most will succeed.
I got the idea to write this after I heard about few Zainichi Koreans such as Masutatsu Oyama, and Tadanrai Lee (Zainichi Korean soccer player who wanted to respresent south Korea but couldn't be given a chance and was prejudiced upon just like he was prejudiced for being a Korean in Japan).
In psychology the more conflict there is between a group breeds prejudice and discrimination.


America started with such good intentions...

 But as time passed... Those who have the power (or money) found ways to take advantage of this system and get away with it.

This has gone on for too long... while some of us haven't even realized it.

It's getting to a point where I feel like there's a breaking point soon.

Like a calm before the storm... I might be just writing this in the heat of the moment

but I think I can intuitively feel that people are waking up now.

Waking up to this problem that is so profound and complicated...

That those in authority did good to keep us disillusioned for so long.

The nationalism... The propaganda... What is it all for?

I think the government has been tryjng to find ways to control their citizens since the dawn of them.

As... it gives their own team more power.

It's always a struggle for them to find the balance of how much they can do evil and injustice while getting away with it.

The intentions to build a country based on values of equality and justice has been slowly turning into a monster... With so much power that it is near unstoppable.

The most practical thing to do... in a situation of authority is that you should always try to control their minds... It makes them easier to control as you see... Like sheeples.

... It is a dark world were living in... but before this game ends... The most practical thing to do is play the game... That's what those in authority says, and it's probably something that they want you to think.

... But play the game at what costs?... in this world where selfish traits are the norm and the trend of understanding is a thing of long past.... It would destroy the values that I have...

And what makes me for me.

... What I am talking about is the corporations and government... In this world of advertising and with the help of technology. It is possible now to sell a single product to millions of customers. These corporations get all these money by all the mainstream people buying them but they don't really give any of that money back...

It's like the circulation of money is stopped. I am sure this is a problem which alarmed some of you before... and I am sure it was just too big and complicated to attack it.

But we can't just ignore it because it's big and complicated.

It's so big and complicated that it's affecting almost everyone on this planet.

The banks too... what a fucking great idea that was.

The middle class is falling down... and all the wealth is going to those of the chosen few.

I am not saying socialism is the answer... but the BALANCE OF CAPITALISM AND FAIRNESS.

We all know the advantages of capitalism and socialism... but just like a lot of things in life... I think balance is the answer.

Capitalism worked well when America first started with it... THAT'S because we didn't have all these assholes that buys Government people and because of technology.

We can't have all the wealth going to these few guys... but we can't give everything equally to people either.

It's becoming a damn huge problem that's affecting most of us... So why don't we speak up and be at least a tad bit mad about it?

Violence is not the answer though...


In this age of human society...

We have finally come to a point that the middle class of the diamond structure is crushed. 
The high class is reaping the benefits while the rest of us much larger in numbers won't do anything about it.
 It's become the norm for a politician to sell out... to the corporations and it's not exaggerating to say that it's them who run the system now.
 They have conditioned us since birth... using social-psychological processes such as 
obedience to authority, conformity, rationalization, groupthink, deindividuation, stereotyping, and prejudice.
 We have truly become mere pawns in the hands of those who have it all...
Those who use their riches to make these pawns do whatever they want for them.
We have truly become slaves without realizing it.
I am truly in awe about what this society has become...
There was a flaw in the system of capitalism... and the evil in humanity's hearts exposed it.
 With ignorance of what has been done to them the pawns keep working in the scheme hoping that they themselves might become a King.
But this mentality just strengthens the system they made us run on. Like hamsters.
... We have got used to this kind of life... conditioned for so long... to chase after money, sex and all the things in life that might bring us happiness (Maybe it's because we've been conditioned to feel that that's the lifestyle we should have?).
And we do this all while not even realizing some of the things that affect us all...
And that's the thing that's affecting me most... We live in this sort of world but people don't even realize or do they even care.
The truth is the government has been researching and perfecting their art of influencing people's attitudes for centuries but people don't think that they have their freedoms.... in a sense taken away from them.
It's quite interesting that we live in a world where there's so many that are disillusioned; in this whole clash of things to not see... the state of the world were in...
It feels like the calm before a storm... 
I don't think some people understand the magnitude... of what I am talking about... 
There is a lot of depth in what I say and complexity.... I have been continuously searching for the truth... and I have realized all the things in the past that I did not regard important... or didn't pay attention to came back to me with doubled meaning... and with profound complexity. 
As Socrates?(was it him?) once said... you should never think you know all about something... because this can stop you from learning any more knowledge. 
You should have the attitude that you don't know and that you can never know everything about a certain subject. 
One of the profound lessons... in life is this. 
I don't expect you to understand my point of view... I understand... because it is I who is constantly doubting and debating if the beliefs I hold is true. 
I refine my ideas and my truths every chance I can... I wipe the windows once in awhile so i can get a clearer view. 
But I constantly come back to the idea that nationalistic governments is not good for the whole of man. 
 The people are hungry: It is because those in authority eat up too much in taxes - Lao Tzu 
I could talk many heated discussions about the things that are wrong with the government... The way they use their taxes... the way they sell themselves... and parts of the government for money... and they betrade the hopes and promises that they have made to whom they might think are gullible citizens. 
As history have showed... Those in power will have many faces... Honourable, morally courageous ones... are those that are corrupted using their knowledge and power to do a wrong doing and get away with it. 
There's a lot of problems in the world... Many of you hear the truth.... but many of us don't think enough to fully understand it.  
Few people have the imagination for reality - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Something that's important Part 2

 These are some passages that I found were interesting while studying my invitation to psychology course.

"Policies of genocide against a perceived outside enemy are almost always generated by governments that feel weakened and vulnerable.
Governments then rely on the social-psychological processes discussed in this chapter-including obedience to authority, conformity, rationalization, groupthink, deindividuation, stereotyping, and prejudice to carry out their policies."

"Of course some people do stand out as being unusually sadistic or unusually heroic. But everyone, from Rodney Peairs to Yoshihiro Hattori, is embedded in cultural norms and traditions."

Now some of you might be wondering... why exactly am I obsessed about the wrongs of the government to even write blogs about it on here even when it's pretty clear that I won't be able to do much to change any of this... (My intuition says different of course)

I feel passionate about my ideas... and like to tell them to people when I get the chance. Some people call me paranoid or delusional... maybe they're suffering from "just-world hypothesis"... but anyway I think it's important to atleast be AWARE that these things are happening around us.

The government... knowing how to influence people with their studies in psychology among other things... use this to unfairly manipulate the masses.

Even by getting them to kill the government's own enemies... or by starting fights with innocent people just because they "perceive" that the gain is more then the loss.

They might be affected by "groupthink"... but I believe that the government can't make the wisest decisions on their own. We need to take up matters into our own hands... Because they believe that the average citizen is too stupid to decide what's best for themselves.

We can't let the foolishness of our system contain us for long... There's too many losses coming from that.


The second thing I wanted to say is that... Banning prostitution, drugs and such things as gay marriages can only be more harmful then good.
Remember the prohibition act banning alcohol in the mid 1900s? Well prohibition actually increased the rates of alcoholism. Because people were denied the opportunity to drink moderately, they drank excessively when given the chance. "Also alcoholism is much more likely to occur in societies that forbid children to drink but condone drunkenness in adults (As in Ireland) than in societies that teach children how to drink responsibly and moderately but condemn adult drunkenness (As in Italy, Greece, and France). In cultures with low rates of alcoholism (except for those committed to a religious rule that forbids use of all psychoactive drugs), adults demonstrate correct drinking habits to their children, gradually introducing them to alcohol in safe family settings."

Of course there's more to it in all this and it can get mighty complex, but to put it simply banning prostitution and drugs only shoots up the criminal rates and the government uses billions of dollars each year to aid them (technology and resources) in catching these "criminals". While outlawing prostitution makes for some people to take advantage of others by taking most profits themselves and manipulating these people to sell their bodies.

If we had not banned it... Some people who have a hard time getting by... well be able to earn some money for doing these things... what's important here is social schemas. The views of people are preventing these things to happen when it's not really the wisest decision at all.

Also people everyday have sex for free... I do get why theirs negative views on this particular subject... but I don't see a reason why their should be.

The same concept also applies to the drug situation. The government spends all this money catching "criminals" while ironically making the situation worse and worse.
As I said before suppressing something will not make it disappear OR fade... it'll only fight back stronger.

The government can use the money selling drugs to put it in places where we really need it. (Such as health care, trying to create equal opportunities for everyone and making the society a bit more fair)

Who are these people who think they have the right or knowledge to choose what other people shan't do? When these people aren't harming anyone? It's only the illegal aspect of it that makes all these things shady.

If these things happened... After generations the "norms" of the society won't think any of these things are weird. Also addictions to drugs are influenced strongly by the environment and the attitudes and customs of your friends.

If these things are truly bad... society will learn in time and they will be more aware. Some people might still do it... but in the first place it's their life... their body their soul. Banning these things outright will only spurt on people who think their authority is suppressing them unfairly... and that they have no idea and they want to learn the truths themselves. And in the matter of drugs... your predispositions can greatly affect your experiences with them.

I am not saying let's make it legal so everyone can do it... I am saying that we need to create a culture where we can let people safely come in contact with these things while also letting them learn moderation. 


Something that's important

There's something that's been bugging me... and I am not quite sure if it'll leave me alone unless I do something about it.
The thing that has been bugging me is the capitalistic system and this economy.
Whenever someone becomes rich by trying hard and taking actions everyone just stands around and admires him... Saying I am going to be like him.
but the thing that they fail to realize is that... there's only a certain amount of money in the world and it's circling around.
The thing is... for someone to make a profit, someone else has to buy/or give money to him and lose profit.
If someone's a millionaire... there's bound to be a couple dozen guys that's homeless because of him.
Do you get what I am saying?

We all can't be rich... and the rich is basically feeding off of the "have nots". they're looking at them like the enemy.
A country like America is fine for now... but there's other countries that's far worse then us... like Korea and I've seen it.
It's hard to describe but... the economic landscape seems like it's affecting people's minds and not at all in a good way.
Trying so hard to get into a good college and to get a job... taking measly pay but still working.
Trying to provide for your kids... then when it's all said and done and you die, what kind of life is that may I ask you? 
I mean what kind of a freaking hell is this?
The world shouldn't be this way... It's people that made it this way and as people we can change it back.
I've always thought of the world as a blank piece of paper and that people can fill it in in anyway they want to.
After it's colored in... it's hard to change back like a hardened steel, but we can do it if we apply ourselves.
Now some of you might say, nothing can't be perfect... but I am NOT asking for perfect, I am asking for something better. Not many get what they deserve in this world... and the world isn't fair but I just want something better for MYSELF and everyone out there that's desperately trying to survive. Working everyday brain dead without thinking about anything meaningful because there's no time.
 Think of all the people that have suffered... in order for us to come this far... Just for those few that have it all... They couldn't do anything, they were powerless to do so, because in this world MONEY=POWER. They're using us while some of us don't even realize it.

The thing is... the government won't do anything about this, because all the people that have the power to do so ARE the ones that want to make the world this way.
They won't change because every freaking guy thinks they need more money even though they already have enough.
It's not human to miss something so large that's just staring at them straight in the face, they are IGNORING IT! and they are ignoring millions of people that are suffering...
They are using us... they are using human lives to empower themselves.
I do know that the Capitalistic system is the best that we had... compared to the past ideas but we CAN do better.
I mean am I the only one that's getting bugged by this? Living in this world trying to survive every freaking day while taking all the pain... and we die and it's all fucking meaningless.
Yeah this world is strengthening us... and making us colder... because were ADAPTING! but it's all for what...
I've seen it in other countries... and when the time comes and America's people become the same way...
Then it'll be too late... then it'll be too late...


What Sega need to do

Make another Jet grind radio game.
Make a join effort with Yu Suzuki to release Shenmue 3
Try to release all their yakuza or similar games in US/UK while also being bold.
Do more original things, Sega needs more AAA games to stay in the game while still being strong.