Ride the Rails!

o rly?
o rly?
Hey all! I'm back with a blog, a short blog, but you'll take it and you'll like it! Anyway, I picked up Skate 2 in the mail last Monday and I figured, you know I'd write something up about it.

When Skate 1 was announced I was at that point so tired of the Tony Hawks series, I immediately got excited. Then when the demo was released , I loved it, non-stop fun just skating around like a regular person in a skate-park. Not doing stupid stuff where you jump over lava with lizards in it that will eat your flesh off. If you didn't know, that will be in Skate 3. Well, then the full game was released *dun dun duuuun* and I hated it. I just got annoyed by constantly having to re-do challenges, that after a while, just got too tedious.

This brings me to Skate 2. And from what I've read on these crazy sites like Giant Bomb(c wat i did ther?), the game seemed to be actually shaping up to be good. But, I was pretty undecided on it because of the fact that they still haven't said something like "Oh, and the challenges are easier" or anything. So, like the dirty man I am, I played the demo, and I loved the demo.

Then, on January 26th, I got the game... and oh yea: