New Game Variant: SWAT

OK so this is something some friends and i did, i dont know if someone else already did this but here are the rules to a new custom game which sort of combines border patrol and cops and robbers, it's called SWAT (I reccomend you play it on Vacant with 8-10 people). 

Use Team Deathmatch as a base
Time Limit - 30 minutes
Score - Unlimited

Spectating - Team Only
Force Respawn - Disabled
Friendly - Fire Enabled

# of lives - 1
Max Health - Half
Health Regen - Normal
Allow Sprint - enabled

Allow Perks - enabled
Allow Air Support - disabled
Old School Mode - Disabled
Hardcore - Enabled

OK So now that the stats are done here are the rules (for an 8 person game). There are three SWAT officers and Three Terrorists and two Hostages. 

SWAT officers
Weapon - Any Submachine Gun
Perks - 3 FLASH BANGS (no stuns), Stopping Power, Dead Silence (or Deep Impact)

Weapon - Any Assault Rifle
Perks - Bandolier, Stopping Power, Last Stand

The SWAT team spawns outside, the terrorists and hostages spawn inside. The object of the game is to get at least one hostage out of the building. The Hostages cannot fire their guns, or move unless told to by a terrorist or tagged by SWAT, if they do misbehave the terroist team can excecute them. The terrorists can tell the Hostage to sit anywhere inside the building then they defend them and SWAT has to find them. SWAT must wait at their spawn for 1 minute then they can breach from anywhere. They do not have to kill the terrorists but in order to rescue the Hostages they have to run up and touch them, then the Hostage can run away (he still can't shoot his gun), if he makes it out of the building he's rescued and SWAT wins, if both Hostages die the Terrorists win. I reccomend you put an S, T, or H in your clan tag depending on what class you are to avoid confusion. If you have any questions feel free to post. Note, this can be played on any map that has a large area or building the terrorists can defend. I reccomend your group establish its own rules on things like camping, or puppy guarding, etc.