Nathan vs Video Games: Week in Review for 4/1/2012

First off, as you can guess I've been extremely ill all week, so I took a break from reviews. Don't worry; we'll be back to 1-2 a day (or more) as is usual this upcoming week. For now, however, we just had 3 reviews this week. Not great, but better than nothing I suppose.

Second off is the important stuff: the winners of last week's contest! I took all your registrations/shares and figured it out via a random number generator, and here are the winners:

1. divinemango

2. Xeiphyer (GiantBomb)

3. Cipher Peon

Congrats! I've already contacted divinemango over Twitter. Please note you have 48 hours to respond (until Tuesday, essentially) or I'm bumping #2 to #1 and redrawing a new person. So if you get a tweet or an IM, please respond! I'll let you know what games are available.

Here is this week's limited run of reviews.

Space Marine - 4 / 5 Stars

Kirby's Epic Yarn - 4 / 5 Stars

Fable - 5 / 5 Stars

The current best bet for next week with regard to theme is that I'm going to try and review all the Valve games on my list. I might tack some Blizzard on there since those two companies tend to go hand in hand in terms of fans loving them.

That's it from me. Expect a better next week! No foolin!