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Everything is a Remix!

""Everything is a Remix, created by bits of ideas prior to your own – We stand on the shoulders of giants but now that money is involved we prevent ordinary people from becoming what the next generations should stand upon."
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Hi Everybody!

I like technology, and at the same time I like to keep up to date regarding news in that field. Every day I read about how the entertainment industry wants to prevent distribution of their original product.- Products which by 99% is a remix of earlier ideas, which builds on even earlier ideas. The Smartphone producers around the world is on a huge patent Warfield where they fight over everything down to the infamous ‘slide to unlock’ feature and internet providers is getting forced to filter the net.

Where is the limit? How come the world has ended up, fighting over ideas instead of combining them? Why is it that every time money is involved and turfs gets threatened that new laws are created. - Did Disney ever pay anybody for Snow White contra the amount they would sue people, using their material today? - Material which wasn’t theirs to begin with. What about Led Zeppelin who practically copied every hit they ever had? – Today, there would have been no Led Zeppelin and they would even have been criminals, how about that?

Hip Hop went from a culture where music was copied, combined and altered by normal people wanting to express themselves to a multibillion dollar industry where huge amount of money is transferred over royalties and only rich people can play the game. – Today, there would have been no Hip Hop, or would there?

The internet is the open turf, this is where you can remix a number, share it with friends around the world and maybe even become famous. You can’t publish any sampling without paying the ‘creators’ but you can develop your skills just like evolution: By copying, combining and altering. This is freedom of learning, it's still on the net but is it yet again threatened by people wanting more money?

  • Yes.

As you might have guessed by now, I am not pro big business which themselves builds all their ideas of existing knowledge and then prohibits normal people in doing the same by dragging them to the court. But what is the newest add to this form of doing business how are we going to ensure that Madonna won’t go broke because of people downloading her songs? How are Apple to survive despite Steve Jobs have saved 100 billion dollars on a secret account for potentially hard times and restocking millions of iPhones several times a year. (I hope the sarcasm is clear enough)

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the computer, he took the best components and ideas from his competitors and created a good operation system – better than any other, but it still wasn’t his idea. He even boasted about how good he was at copying and altering in the start of his career. Just before he died he declared patent war with Android because he meant it was a stolen product.

Will these people interfere in my plans of creating a knowledge sharing website?

ACTA is here....

Please read to read my full blog on this issue revolving ACTA

Have a nice day - i Love you all (insert: confused smiley with a © instead of face)


Help me find a good horror/thriller movie!

Hi everybody!

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I haven’t been writing a blog in several months and now I am back!

(I hope that you are as happy for that, as I am –else, feel free to read my old blogs and make up your own mind).

Well, here we go:

I like horror movies. Actually I like them so much that everyone I know has started not taking my advice when recommending a movie; “oh, he’s just gonna pick something dark and scary” – and yes, I will, because I love that shit. Getting my adrenalin all up and my senses at peak.

I have watched a ton of thrilling and creepy movies, and I kind of feel, that I have reached the end of really good movies. Is there anyone left? I bet there is, but I have ended up watching about all mystery/suspence/horror/thriller movies listed on every single top 10 list I have been able to dig up on the internet. The same classics are listed at all of them, and I really need to find those rare gems out there:

That’s why I need you!

If I list a couple of movies that I love, maybe you guys could recommend me some awesome titles?

I like these:

No Caption Provided

That’s what I could come up with and I think it gives a pretty good idea of what I like. It needs to be creepy, psychological and disturbing. Too much gore, teenage slashing and humor doesn’t interest me.

Okay, I hope some of you guys will find the time to help me out and suggest some creepy and thrilling movie titles!

Thanks for reading, I love you all! (insert: Nosferatu smiley and a 360 headspin)


Theme Hospital has been reinvented:

Hi everybody! (guess it’s nostalgic time)

Here you can really see the difference. Top: old TH Buttom: Corsix
Here you can really see the difference. Top: old TH Buttom: Corsix

Today I dug up my copy of Theme Hospital, it’s been years since I’ve open an old (and loveable huge) gamebox and I was really scared that this game possibly would not work on my new PC. Well, it didn’t but I discovered something I would like to share with you guys.

First; I’m running 64bit Windows 7 and when I try to run the game, it brings up an error (typical shit) which informs me that I can’t install the game. The solution to this problem was simple though, I just had to copy the content from the CD to a directory on my hard disc.

Now it was running, but the colors were all fucked up and psychedelic so my search throughout the internet began and I quickly managed to find a solution… A freakin’ great one, I have to say!

It’s called: Corsix TH

Some open-source guy called Corsix have worked together with a team and created a launcher for the game which basically makes the game playable in Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. You can get really high resolutions now and that’s the single greatest thing (besides it being able to run without DOSbox) about this launcher.  Other than that, you get a lot of languages to choose from now and the menu is totally redesigned.

Now, there are some stuff which is buggy. I for an example, experienced a crash with some memory problems in the game. I also noticed that the other (AI) hospitals in the game no longer gains any progress (that’s not that important) and the statistics button hasn’t been enabled – BUT! This is the 6 beta and they are still working on it. Actually it's no more than two days ago that it went from the 5 beta to the 6.

The last thing to mention is that the cutscenes and the “level board animation” has been removed, but heck, that doesn’t matter – I get to play at my desired resolution, and that's pretty cool.

Well, I went from just want to try the game again, to getting a whole new experience! Thanks Corsix, you really made my day and hopefully some of yours too!

I love you all!

Have a fantastic day or night! (insert: Chronic Nosehair, Uncommon Cold, King Complex, Bloaty Head and a Slack Tongue Clinique)

The Launcher can be found right HERE

You guys should follow me, it's fun!

I really don't like horror games anymore

Hi everybody!  

It's a shame that RE has become a fun rather than scary game. Sometimes it's just like playing Dead Rising.
It's a shame that RE has become a fun rather than scary game. Sometimes it's just like playing Dead Rising.
Say, how come that (almost) all horror game developers have become convinced that fast pace encounters with hundreds of zombies/monsters is scary? I mean, I don't find stuff scary when it's being presented over and over again, in the hundreds, with 200+ ammo.... opposed to when you have to look out for every single corner, encounters only a few enemies and has 1 clip and a knife left. 
It's like they followed the rest of the gaming industry, where everyone has to be nursed through the experience and they don't want to challenge the gamers too much in fear of it becoming a niche game. - Yeah! Those kinds of games can be fun, but scary? No way, I say! 
Let's just take the obvious as an example: Resident Evil. 
I nearly pissed my pants when I was a child playing the first of the series on my old PC. I know, I know - things were different back then, and graphics weren't that important (or developed), but there was something about the atmosphere and the locked camera-angels which was scary as hell! I could go on and on, but the fact is that an action/horror isn't a survival/horror, and those don’t exist anymore... (Please enlighten me). 
The best thing that happened in years for the RE series, was the remake of the original on the GameCube, dammit, why couldn't there be a remake of the sequel too? Well, we can only hope i suppose. 
All in all, I don't like the trend... For things to be scary you need atmosphere, few but deadly monsters, preferable locked camera-angles and limited ammo and health.  - You guys might say; "turn dead space up to Hard", but you know it's not the same... not at all. You always end up feeling that it was scary at the beginning, but repetitive towards the end.  
Maybe it isn't possible at all to recreate that kind of games, maybe those times has passed and the game industry has spun itself into a web where there is a textbook for making games, a template even.
I might just be nostalgic today, but I need someone to reinvent the genre, or maybe just uninvent it. 
Have a fantastic day, I love you all! (Insert: brain hungry zombies, sexually frustrated monsters and a red ball jumping down the stairs)        

Three simple rules to the perfect internet! - the positive thread

Hi everbody!

It's that simple :)
It's that simple :)

You know what day it is today?...

It’s anything can happen day!! (yeah, I know it’s supposed to be Wednesday, but who cares!?) - and we can change the internet!

Today I surfed the internet, and I got so, well – not frustrated, not angry – but a bit sad I guess. Everywhere I went, they were there, the negative people.

Pick a site on the net, pick any news with a commentbox, they will be there. The negative people. But let’s not get angry at them and write angry things back – instead, you could comment on how cool their avatar is, how well their spelling is or … well, state an example and just plain ignore them.

If you are a negative user of the internet – do not fear, I’m here – and I’ll be here to help you.

It’s not that hard, you just have to remember some simple rules.

  • #1 – if you don’t agree, explain why in a nice way.
  • #2 – if you can’t complete step 1, stop! Think! – and leave the page, people won’t hate you, and I’m sure karma will make sure your day gets better.
  • #3 – This is a though one, but I know you can do it… if you feel the urge to write something negative… write something positive. I know! It’s really tough, but if you practice step 1 and 2, you just might get there!

Some of you guys out there might think, I’m sarcastic or even negative myself, but that’s not true, not at all. Imagine if the internet was filled with positive energy, wouldn’t that be nice?


I’m just gonna let you think about that, and now! – you guys need to go comment stuff!

There is no need to be negative, angry or in any other kind of bad state of mind, you can be happy. Doesn’t it sound good? … Happy…

Do you wanna stay happy, follow my blog, or .. just follow me.

I love you all, have a terrific night (or day) – I know I will…

See ya (insert Smiley and thumbs up)    


Bring your binoculars, because this Shit, is faaar out!!

Hi everybody!
Yup... it's the red dot
Yup... it's the red dot

Today a lot of stuff happened. Minecraft was attacked, Sonic Fan Remix was released in a trial version and I found out that Mario originally was supposed to carry a gun... But you guys already know about that, right? So why bother telling you about that?

Well, What I really wanna tell you guys is, that today, - I realized that we’ve actually seen the edge of the universe. This might sound dumb, silly or whatever, but I read that the galaxy UDFy-38135539, which was discovered last year, now has been estimated to being 13.1 billion light-years away – this makes it one of the first galaxies to form after the Big Bang.

It all started when the Hubble Telescope took the image called; ”Ultra Deep Field” and as far as I remember, the telescope looked at the same point in the sky for, well – a long time and discovered more than 10.000 galaxies.

What they did, was to locate the one, which shined brightest red (since that indicate it’s age), and then observed it several more times, to finally come up with the result: That the galaxy was formed during the Epoch of reionization! ... What?!

-           Yeah, let me explain

Reionization was a time, when radiation from the first newborn stars formed a fog consisting of hydrogen atoms, which was split into protons and electrons covering the entire universe.

-           Still confused?

Hydrogen absorbs light, so without the early stars, we wouldn’t even be able to see, these early galaxies.

What all of this means is that the red galaxy was formed, only 600 million years after the birth of the universe itself. The second most-distant object ever to have been observed was 30 million light years closer than this newfound galaxy. – So what you look at, in the picture above... Is somewhat, the birth of galaxies.

By the way... does that Sonic Fan Remix – Rule or what!!?? ... WOW! (I’m not even being sarcastic)

I Love you guys, take care and take a look at the sky (insert: Star Wars theme and a man saying ”Galaxy Far, Far” in an endless loop)



I highly recommend this! ... give it a try, guys

Hi everybody!

boring, giant bomb picture.. but it'll do.
boring, giant bomb picture.. but it'll do.

Today I want to recommend stuff. You might think that’s uninteresting, but actually I have put a lot of work into this, due to my lifelong experiences (well, that’s 23 years – or something) which I will draw from.

Ok, if you are a fan of movies, like me, then I bet I can guarantee you some veeeary cool experiences.

I’m in general against trailers and reading the back of the DVD covers. This is due to the simple reason, that the guys who make these movies build them up a certain way, so IMO it ruins the bigger picture these guys are trying to paint (you get it).

Ok, First of all I like mystery and suspense, so if you don’t – then I guess, you don’t have to read this (although you should).

I could just start rambling about Fight Club, Pulp Fiction etc. But I want this to be a; ”oh, I’ll check this out!” and not a; ”I’ve seen it... next!”. – I should also mention that I won’t be writing a description of the movie, I’ll just write the name, and you can take me advice or not... well, I might write a little comment. 

  • Session 9
  • The machinist (Batman is in this, Christian Bale, or something)
  • Naked Lunch (the weirdest movie on earth, so that makes it very interesting)
  • Micmacs (it’s french)
  • The memory thief
  • Primal Fear
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Moon

... Ok, I guess I could keep on going, but I won’t. Instead I’ll go to out next section of recommendation. Music.

I used to be; ”Metallica! woooHohoHOo!” but now I’m ”... I like this, what is it?” – And that has really broadened my taste in music. I still like the hard stuff, but – well, I’ll just write some links to YouTube you can click. – This is music and videos which really has made an impact on me, so I would appreciate you guys, taking the time, to check some of it out. 

...Well, my last recommendation is a Comic. I’m not into comics, at all, normally and I guess some of you guys could hand me, my ass in comic knowledge, but I bought some yesterday:

Actually I bought the three first volumes of Scott Pilgrim. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about and I actually liked it... a lot. I don’t know about the movie or the game (haven’t played it or seen it) but the comic is a really fun and got this, totally cool, old school universe. – It’s a bit too Japanese for me, but then again, that might just be the very thing, that makes it interesting. I don’t know – but fuck, I want to recommend it!


Ok guys, Hope you have the time ...(and the guts) to check some of this out. Let me know what you think.

I love you guys, without you, this shit would be boring – so, please comment and please come again any time.

Have a fucking great day, I know I will!

See ya! (insert: Scott Pilgrim extra life and the theme from twin peaks)


-           Oh, I almost forgot! I got a beta key to Terra Militaris. You can have it if you want… (whoever you are) … go google it.    


The best news in 7 years!

Hi Everybody!

 This october - I will jizz my pants and die from coca-cola abuse
 This october - I will jizz my pants and die from coca-cola abuse

I might just be really slow and unaware of what’s going on around me, but today, I just found out something that made me extremely happy!

Since I managed to work my way through Gabriel Knight 3 back in 99, I have been waiting for Jane Jensen’s new game, which has taken… years. In 2003 I got psyched, that Gray Matter, Jensen’s new game, was uncovered – what I didn’t know was that I would have to wait, until today and still counting, 7 years later.

I Love adventuregames, and when that’s said, I’ve been scouting* for years, and years about info on this game, but it’s always been; ‘in a year, it’ll come out, 2007, 2008’ and so on.

Today I decided to go check, which I haven’t been doing for quite some time, and ‘Fuck me Freddy!’ – there it was. Gray Matter was shown at GC, and It is dued to – this ‘fucking’ October! It even arrives on the Xbox.

Normally I wouldn't just write a blog about a single announcement, but hey!, I’ve been waiting 7 long years for this, and I needed to let off some steam! ‘woooOOhHaoO!’


To set the mood, and awake you guys (and mine) long lost memories of Gabriel Knight 3… Enjoy!:



*sorry, not commercially intended…

I love you all! (insert mr. Knight and a running unicorn)


Interesting Interview with Tim Schafer

Hi everybody! (Yup, this times it’s really good).

 Just showing off my mad skills in Photoshop...
 Just showing off my mad skills in Photoshop...

As you all may know (well, maybe one or two of you guys) I come from a little Scandinavian country called Denmark. In this little spot on the map, we got a magazine called Gameplay, which is a really original name, by the way. This month, they brought an interview with, the one and only, Tim Schafer – which I found pretty interesting.

Now, since none of you can read Danish, I will freely translate a little segment of the interview which is originally five pages long, so you guys can enjoy it a little too.



Tim Schafer’s carrier has been as unusual as the worlds, which has sprung from his mind, but his love for games clearly shows: “Since my dad bought the Odyssey,” Schafer says, “That was our first console … It was the first console ever. My whole family was crazy about it. But then they all grew tired of it, but not me – I kept playing the games until I got a Atari 400 and learned to program, and ever since – I wanted to create games. Since I was a kid. I went to school, I got an education in computer-science and I grew fond of writing. And it would later show, that games are a carrier where you in a strange way, can combine the two.”

The way Schafer would bring these two activities together was not clear from the start though. He has an education in computer-science, but his field of interest had grown significantly, since he started at the university. He thought of this as a dry foundation to base his future on.

“I didn’t know what to do with my life, when I finished my studies.” He admits, “Until I saw a job offer at Lucas Arts, for what seemed to be my dream job. I though ‘Wow, game developer for Lucas Arts!’ Not because of Star Wars, but because I really loved the games they made for Atari: The rescue on Fractalus and Koronis Rift. So I called and got an interview, where David Fox, the boss, asked me if I had played any of their games. I said ‘Sure, I loved Ballblaster’ Because that was my favorite game. He said ‘Ballblaster, oh. That game is actually called Ballblazer. It’s only the illegal copy that’s called Ballblaster …’ – And that was true, I had an illegal copy of the game.

I thought, ‘My God, I just totally screwed up my interview, now I’m never going to get that job’. He said, ‘Well, send us your CV and a letter where you describe your ideal job.’ I figured that I had already passed my chance, so I could as well just try something crazy. I wrote a letter as it was a Adventuregame, where I described my mission to find my ideal job. It was kinda like the game Zork, a Scott Adams-text adventure. It contained small pictures, where I had drawn my dream job at Lucas Film – and I ended up getting an interview and the job!”

Schafer recently dug up the letter and uploaded it to the internet, for all to see, but warns upcoming gamedevelopers to copy his method. Handdrawn satire was apparently something “That only worked in the 80’s”


Hope you guys enjoyed it… stay tuned.

Until next time, I will send you dudes love and respect! – Have a nice day or night!

Love (insert purple tentacle and Manny)


Prehistoric Madness!

Hi everybody! (I’ll stick to that phrase, until the day I die)

Well, I know this site has to do with games and such, but I like to tell you guys about other cool stuff from time to time. I want you, wanting, to be educated – and I’m here to make that fun! (oh, what fun we have)

Well, today I’m gonna tell you guys about some serious weird shit from the past. Not a year ago, not two, but more like 100 million years ago. When the Crocodiles roamed the earth, and not only the water.

We know crocks as these lizard-legged, water-swimming (what else can you swim in?) monsters, but they sure have had many shapes, and sizes:

Take a look at these guys:         

 Look at those teeth... shit dudes.
 Look at those teeth... shit dudes.

Boar crocodile – Size: 6m. (19.69 feet)

Not many animals would enjoy meeting this monster. Its teeth was very well developed (even for a crocodile) and its’ sharp teeth was cued in up to three rows, which could either hold on to large slimy fish, or be replaced like shark teeth when they broke off.


 This one could run like hell, and i've called it Spot.
 This one could run like hell, and i've called it Spot.

Dog crocodile - Size: 1m. (3.28 feet)

This type of croc looks fucking awesome, I must admit. It had a pointy and long snout and could run fast as hell. Although you might not wanna meet this one in a dark alley, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad? After all, this guy ate plants and had flat teeth (although I’m sure the jar could still separate you in half).


No Caption Provided

Rat crocodile – Size: 1m. (3.28 feet)

This croc, havn’t been giving its name cause of the size, but because it had two large front teeth. It probably used the teeth to dig up insects and worms, so although it looked mean, it was only some ugly (or better looking) version of Timon or Pumba.

There were other types of crocs, like the Duckcroc, Flapjackcroc, etc. but you can go ahead and Google those, I wanna tell you about a real... mother fucker!

 The Dogcrock compared to Sarcosuchus
 The Dogcrock compared to Sarcosuchus

Super Crocodile! (Sarcosuchus) – Size: 12m. (39.37 feet)

This crocodile evolved into a totally awesome, badass, mofo! This might very well be the largest Croc species ever to have existed. It weighted up to 10 tons and its bite-force was around 2 tons (that’s even more powerful than the T-rex). It is though to have mainly lived in Africa and could easly have lived by eating other large dinosaurs. Although this was a giant killer, it must have been to large to survive - and thank God for that!

 I know this picture is wrong... But it's too awesome and weird to miss out on. Just imagine! (as Peter M. would have said)
 I know this picture is wrong... But it's too awesome and weird to miss out on. Just imagine! (as Peter M. would have said)
Hope that was fun reading… Now get back to you games! You have orcs to slay!!!

Love you guys! (insert: old 3D platform character “Croc” and the Theme from Jaws)

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