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A below average game through and through 0

I tend to get more or less interested in certain games as they have more announcements. When EA announced a mascot competition to figure out who would be on NCAA Football 09 for the Wii, I started to get worried. Still, I brushed past this and let myself remain excited. When EA announced it's special "All-play" feature, I lost all interest. I knew EA was not going to take their sports seriously on the Wii. NCAA is a perfect example.Since there was no NCAA 08 on the Wii, I'll have to compare this...

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One of the Great RPGs 0

    Let me start by saying that the original Paper Mario was what got me seriously into games. I had played some pokemon before that, but I had never been a serious gamer. Paper Mario as a series has captivated me with it's unique art style, humorous writing, and powerful gameplay. The Thousand Year Door is no different.     The story starts as Mario gets a letter from Princess Peach, who has found a treasure map and wants him to meet her at a distant town called RoguePort. Well, the Princess ge...

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