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you're sick! Ewww!

Some people online may say "Mr. Tiwi you're sick!", but they are wrong! Until i actually get ill, In which case they are just slightly less wrong.
But to give ya'll some back story before on why i'm sick: I was on mountain, mountain was wet, I came home from mountain trip and had a huge migraine. And when I say huge I mean the size of a pregnant panda. So now the last two days for me have consisted of me drinking water and laying in bed. "Why? Why not play some of those fantastic video game thingies?" you may ask. I'll tell you why person online asking questions! On Monday i went to a doctor and he said that is should: "stop straining your eyes. You should not use your computer." At the time I smiled and said "sure thing!" knowing that I was lying. 

I've had migraines before, but always behind my right eye (the one I'm having now is in the back of my head). So last time i was there my doctor sent me to an eye specialist. And it all ended in me PET scanning my brain and finding out that there was nothing there. At that point i was both relived and disappointed. I was glad i didn't have a tumor inside my brain and sad that there wasn't a tumor inside my brain. But with my luck I'll probably have it by my thirtieth birthday.
I've always been unlucky. Or not always, just every time that mattered. 
Just to make a total pussy out of myself... *sigh* I broke my clavicle when a girl tackled me in football... 
*pauses for  laugh*
Yes, yes it's hilarious. I also managed to fall of a 6 meter high three and 15 cm from the ground my right foot said "Slow down! I'm going to die!" and slammed itself into the nearest branch, stopping me. the sad fact is that I i might have contracted CLP (calve-legg-perthes) from that incident. Causing me to never run again.... wait I don't know my own boundaries, so i have. *looks around for doctor*  I do it all the time. *doctor walks in* Don't judge me! 
As i started writing this blog (or it's not really a blog because it totally has no structure at all) I realized that I have been sick a lot. 
 Like this 9 fucking times
 Like this 9 fucking times

But the worst i can remember was Pneumonia. for one I had been a little sick and my mother just wanted to check me out before we went to grandmas house for waffles. I never got those waffles. because as soon as i set foot in the hospital a man heard me cough and rushed me to an examination room and stated that i had Pneumonia. So they rushed me to right to the interns.... yeah... Where they had prepared an IV  and stabbed me 5 freaking times in the left arm and 4 in the left before they managed to hit a vein. Then they fucked up again and drove me in a bed to the wrong side of the hospital.... not just that there are two buildings so they had to go beck, check with their superior and come back and pick me up. as the days go by i manage by watching TV listening the interns getting their ass handed to them by another doctor. Remember him calling them for "fucking retarded piece of shit!" and then come into my room smiling and asking how i was. my favorite doctor ever.
Ok If anybody actually reads this i'll be amazed, so if you don't I don't blame you.

When cute dies

This is going to be a short post. (Mostly because the first time i wrote it I fell asleep :-P)

Don't do it little GUY! YOU ARE TOO CUTE!
Don't do it little GUY! YOU ARE TOO CUTE!
Now for about 8 hours ago, I was walking home from school and found myself with a dilemma. Should I walk home the last kilometer or wait 10 min for a bus. For all the active people on this site the answer would be pretty simple, I ended up walking home. Now walking home is something i do quite frequently and it's no biggy. But today it turned out to be bad decision, but let's just say that if you have a light heart stop reading or I'll not make you really sad and ruin your day.  Srsly, I beg you!

So I'd got to around 1/3 of the way home when i noticed something in the trees next to the road, a squirrel. This is not abnormal since there is a thigh dense forest on both sides of the road. And as i passed the squirrel i realized that I was NOT in fact passing the Squirrel. I'd stopped and looked up at the cute and fussy ball of fur like 8 meters away on the other side of the road. 
For about 5 mins I just stood there and watched as it jumper back and fourth between two of the trees, until it decided that on a long branch stretching out onto the road.
As this happens i decide that I've seen enough and that i better get going. As i turn i see a car, a land rover, aprox. 50 meters away coming towards me.
This is were I get really sad... as i walked towards the branch, the squirrel jumped. It jumped of the branch and the car drove into it with it's grill. 
DUMP! Kadung,kadung.... and the car drives off, as if he had not seen it.  Coward!

A weirdly appropriate pic
A weirdly appropriate pic
I could not be lieve what I had just witnessed. I mean like wow.... that's a once in a lifetime thing, at least to watch it from the outside. In retrospective the squirrel might have tried to take it's own life, even though I can't wrap my head around why. Maybe it was bipolar or just strait up stupid, but such a cute thing does not deserve to die.
Although this was sad, Sidescroller lit up my day when he told me how he had seen a squirrel fly a bird. Yes he is crazy and that's totally not true,but man.... so funny.
PS.also jlrm01 you better comment on this

Shadow complex - great game with BIG problems

About 4-5 hours ago i finished Shadow Complex on insane, with 100% and managed to clock in at 5 hours.  
I found the gameplay highly addictive and story interesting without getting me too involved. 
It's rich environments and good music makes it a game to buy even just for the experience, even though the graphics aren't that great.
It seems the game only really suffers in the technical department, because every flaw i can think of is of is either a bug or a poorly accomplished feature.
I'll give you some examples.  

This was my second time through. I managed to bug the game into making me finish it without the hookshot the first time. (Everyone who has played the game knows that you really can't do that.) 
For some reason the door to the room where you get the double jump was open, and I got over the large pit with my foam gun. 

Like this only it fucks up your game
Like this only it fucks up your game
And also the door to the room where you get the hookshot was locked (I have no idea how that happened. it's a rocket door, you shoot it with rockets and it opens. why didn't it work?), so i had to finish the game without it. Yeah.... bummer.  Now even the second time it managed to bug up. No bugs for the entire game until, in the ending cinematic, all the textures disappear form Jasons head, so it looks like a clay model with some purple spots on it. And I think "Ok that's weird. but hey, nothing else at least.". But as it turns out, I was wrong. In that moment his head stretches out of the screen and the mouths stop animating. Great work guys... just great...

Another thing i remember is when you run through or move faster than 5 rooms pr 15 seconds all the textures mess up. I mean like entire walls of gray, black and white dots. It's really annoying when trying to get under 3 hours, as I am now. 
How it should look
How it should look

And here is the worst flaw in the game. The leaderboards suck really, REALLY hard! I mean like i want to load the "let's get punchy" leaderboards list and it literally jamms my 360 up. I have to press the off switch and restart it to do anything on my xbox, which is awfully stupid. and that's not all. When you sometimes get into it, It half the time shows the wrong stats. ATM i think i have 1005 close combat kills, I'm certain it's over 1000 (and that's what i finished the game with on the second run). Anyway the leaderboards say that i have 843 or something, then 17 and before you know it's back up to 843. It's like a fucking randombox. It also tells me that no one in the world has a time in story mode. "This leaderboards does not exist" What? Are you kidding me? 
It might look like I'm a hater because of this, but i absolutely love this game. And i hope that the devs can repair some of this stuff in a patch or something, because right now it's kinda broken. Even with it's flaws i can't say you shouldn't buy it. The game is great, JUST DON'T GO FOR THE DOUBLE JUMP FIRST! 
And I'm gonna add my favorite song, Just because it's fantastic (and when you hear it you know you are done):

Ninjas Vs pirates

Ok, this feud has been going on long enough, and i think this is the time to settle this once and for all (or make total chaos and have some chick kill me). 

To make this clear these are STANDARD ninjas and pirates, not crazy like anime or cartoons characterize them.



Though this fight has always been a debate between people in dire need of something to debate about(such as everybody on the internetz), the larger debate began in 1989 when Atari released a game with the name " Skull & Crossbones". this game in the simplest way was a Pirate versus Ninja fighter.   
Little did they know that the game they released would stir up the debate to the point where 20 years later it's still going strong.
As the feud stared to gain momentum, it seemed like game developers and games in general tried to keep it's distance form it.
But every 10 years it seemed that some game payed homage to this noble feud. in 1998 it was " Tenchu: Stealth Assassins" who dedicated a hole level to rescuing hostages from a European pirate crew. And just last year the game " Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball" was released for XBLA, which was kinda bad, but why not? All you wanted to see is pirates and ninjas fight it out, right?


Ok, let's start with the basics. Here is the definitions of both pirates and ninjas:


  "Piracy is a war-like act committed by private parties ( not affiliated with any government), especially robbery or criminal violence on the sea. The term can include acts committed in other major bodies of water or on a shore. It does not normally include crimes committed against persons traveling on the same vessel as the actor (e.g. one passenger stealing from others on the same vessel)."
"Maritime piracy, according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) of 1982, consists of any criminal acts of violence, detention, or depredation committed for private ends by the crew or the passengers of a private ship or aircraft that is directed on the high seas against another ship, aircraft, or against persons or property on board a ship or aircraft."   

All this loosely translates to an independent criminal on a boat, or a zeppelin, going on a rampage, and we all know that's fun. 


  "A ninja or shinobi ( 忍者) was a warrior specially trained in a variety of unorthodox arts of war, summarized by the term ninjutsu ("art of stealth"). These inclu de assassination, illusion, and espionage.The exact origin of the ninja is a matter of debate. Ninja supposedly appeared in 14th century Japan and remained active from the Kamakura to the Edo period.The role of the ninja may have included sabotage, espionage, and scouting.Such actions may have taken place at the service of a feudal lord, or other entity waging guerilla warfare. Ninjas figure prominently in folklore and legend, and as a result it is often difficult to separate historical fact from myth."

Well.... I'm not going to comment on this, it's kinda self explanatory. 

Time gap:

Because there is a substantial gap between what most people would define as the stereotypical pirate.
without taking loons into account, the most commonly known pirates are the Caribbean pirates who rampaged the seas for about 250 years between 1550 and 1800 AD, and the ninjas were at least active the three times same amount of time from 600 to 1550. Of course there are many other pirate "classes" but this is still the most common.( You would not make the argument that vikings are pirates even though they technically are, because they are vastly superior to both ninjas and pirates.) 
The time gap makes for some changes on the type of gear the two parties can ware to slightly different.
As ninjas were relatively advanced in use of  gunpowder and therefor were they a formidable opponents at both close and long range.
As for pirates gunpowder was well known by the time they got into the game. Guns and canons was needed to defend yourself out on the sea.

Weapons and behavior:


-Smoke bombs
-Blinder (bombs which contained sand or metal pieces)
-Kunai  (a BO shuriken)
-Climbing claws
-Ōzutsu (they constructed could be used to launch fiery sparks and projectiles at a target)
-Ninjatō (short straight sword) 
-Martial arts

Ninjas worked alone and was trained to take out one victim at the time and come back to take out the rest one by one.
Ninjas had  feudal lord who issued commands and orders, they where on a leach.

-Trusted Gun
-Trusted Sword 
-Ale (dude, people get dangerous while drunk)

Pirates where chaotic while fighting but had a well developed democratic system where the captain needed to have the support of the crew to continue to be captain, since the crew owned the ship.

What I think :

Now this is what i think, you may not like it (and you will probably disagree) but everybody has the right to have an opinion (except for for crazy people).

If the pirates had attacked a Japanese city, I think that the battle would have been dominated by the ninjas kicking some pirate ass. 
It would be easy for a ninja to traverse the city and kill pirates with a combination of attacks.
Now if you put them in another setting, say, If a pack ninjas were asked to attack the pirate ship and assassinate the captain, they would have both been outnumbered and sober. The fact that these scenarios are fairly unlikely and that Caribbean pirates and ninjas would ever fight, equals something like zero, does not seem to bother the discussion much.
In style I still think Ninjas are cooler, but who cares about style? It was style who gave us:

final fantasy VII: Crisis Core - DONE!

YES, finaly! i'm done with this game!
I have now spent the last 10 hours playing FFVII:CC in F***ing french, a language i dont even understand.
I have no recolection of the story whatsoever and to fuse materia in fench is f***ing impossible, were BTW the materia is named differenly so I have to test everything out making it 10 times as difficult. I mean, fusing ligthning and ice in english is easy, but when you have to translate them pluss 500 other spells I figured I'd better ignore it all and just go with the main 4 spells, orange (hard attack), infernal glacier + (ice), infernal something + (flames) and something (erthquake). it's the same problem like trying to play a game in japaneese, hopeless (or loveless i should say).

But exept from not beeing able to follow the story (expet for the cutscenes witch for some reason was in english with french text?) and the menus beeing incomprehensible, it's a good and enjoyable game.  but at one point  when you are running "errand?" or doing something after you've met Aerith, i sat for something like 2 hours min talking with every one in the "underworld" and finding where i should go, it almost made me stop playing, and the thing in the mansion too with the looking through the keyholes. THAT WAS MESSED UP!

I think the fact that I had played FFVII made me more "ok" with that the game was in french, i sort of knew how the stroy would play out and that it's almost a hack ans slash made it playable.

now If you'll excuse me I'll go read a walkthrough or a plot summery.


where did the adventure go?

I was born in the early 1990s, and i was born into a family that adored games and films,

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so it was natural for me to develop a taste for games in that decade, like everybody else.
my father was a born nerd, and as a civil-engineering he wanted me to evolve my taste for both the FPSs side, f.ex. doom and Wolfenstein 3d, and the adventure games side ex. Myst and MM:DOTT.
I soon fell over the fence and developed a special place for the adventure games when I fell in love with Myst at the age of 4.
I later found the game Simon the sorcerer, and I have to this date never seen a game that funny, intelligent and throughout beautiful.
It revealed a way to both be ironic and still drag some of the humor form both the present and the past together.
Now I sit here 10 years later and i feel somehow betrayed by the companies that made these fantastic games. everything seems to get swallowed by the FPSs and the RPGs and the casual games.
The last good adventure game was Syberia2 and it came out in 2004, 5 years ago!
The next big hope for me is Heavy rain and/ or Allan Wake, maybe they are enough to drag this horse out of the quicksand maybe not.


according to these pages
Far Cry 2 for the Xbox 360 has leaked one week before its official launch. 
it is commonly know that some games leak days or at the most weeks before its release, But this is a real beat in the gut for Ubisoft.
Far Cry 2 is one of Ubisofts biggest titles this year and if the game is restrained it could do some real damage to the sales for the 360.
there as also some unconfirmed reports that Fable 2 is leaked as well.