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  • Silent Hill at first may seem too formulaic and tedious but once you look past its shortcomings you will fall in love with its great atmosphere and amazing story. You may think I'm crazy but this is my GOTY. It has all of the components I love in video games. With an ending that somehow adds a lot of complexity to the story. Silent Hill is a game that deserves extra playthroughs just so you can understand all the symbolism used in this game. Yeah... symbolism.

  • Uncharted 2 is full of interesting characters and amazing set pieces that make up for its lackluster gunplay (Yeah I said it).


  • A Crack in Time seems to be what Insomniac wanted to do with Tools of Destruction but they fell short. This time around they managed to figure it out. The Ratchet sections are still your basic shooting and platforming you expect from this series. Where the game really shines is in Clank's puzzle sections using an interesting cloning mechanic. With cheesy, yet still endearing set of characters, and a great Pixar quality cutscenese, this game get's a spot on my list! And stuff.

    Wow that line was pretty cheesy.

  • I hate this game. And it hates me too. But that's part of its charm. Demon's Souls is so unabashedly difficult that I somehow have a certain respect for it. I haven't beaten it and never will. And I hardly even enjoyed myself but it still deserves to be on this list for the "balls" that the developers had to have to make this game. Or something.

  • Yeah Yeah, it's here.

  • When I got Torchlight on Steam (For $5!) I decided I'd give it a swing for a few minutes. Quickly, those "few minutes" turned into 5 hours and it left me sitting in my chair, cold, confused, and I felt dirty. Torchlight has brought back the side of me that I've been long detached from: The Addict.

  • I can't think of a full 10. I'm pretty much stretching for games with this one. The thing is, I hate Assassins Creed. I despised the first one mechanically; It was clunky and overly frustrating. And AC2 doesn't really feel any different to me in that sense but, again like the first one, I like this game conceptually and find its story interesting enough to keep me truckin' through. I just wont like it.