Yup, I've been renting games now for a couple of months. It's definitely saved me a ton of cash. No longer do I have to buy games, but yet I still get the full experience for a fraction of the cost. I've officially moved from Gamefly to my local Hastings (for those who don't know it's just a lot of everything from movies to games to books to collectibles). Fast access plus good prices make for a winner.

Spacey deliciousness.
Spacey deliciousness.

I'll just keep this short and sweet. I currently have out Mercenaries 2, and man am I having a blast in coop! I've been playing the entire game in co-op and I must say, despite glaring glitches, this game is amazingly fun. I know there are some of you out there who might disagree, but I'm having a great time with my well-spent $8.

I get to turn Mercs 2 in on Sunday or sooner (hopefully after getting all the achievements :D) and then I have to decide what to pick next! I'm holding off on Saints Row 2 until a friend of mine can get it to play through in co-op, so that's out of the question. This leaves either Dead Space or Fracture. Yes, I know it's a no-brainer. Go with Dead Space! That's what you'll say. But I really liked the Fracture demo and just want to experience the game. Dead Space looks sweet but I've never been a huge fan of the survival/horror genre. But I dunno I might give it a chance. Anyone have any logical reasoning for choosing one over the other? Anyone else experiencing the joy of renting?

The un-joy of renting is that there are 19 games coming out over the next monthish and I have to narrow my selections. No way I can play them all. If you could only pick three games to play over the next month and a half or so, what would they be?