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Thoughts on Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

Since this weekend featured yet another free-to-play event of Lead & Gold I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the game. I already owned the game since 2010's Christmas sales but hadn't really put much time into it until now. 

The Good

  • The game is reasonably good-looking with detailed characters that move and animate fluidly.
  • The UI is clean and easy to understand.
  • The four characters all have different weapons and skills that make them useful in different situations. Good balance between them, also.
  • It's actually pretty fun. All gameplay modes are team-based, which is something that I personally quite enjoy.

 The Gunslinger, The Blaster & The Deputy
 The Gunslinger, The Blaster & The Deputy

The Bad

  • No host migration. When the host drops the game just boots you back to the menu.
  • No auto-balancing teams and no way to change which side you play on. I've played a lot of very unbalanced games where the same team is completely raping the other team for several maps in a row.
  • Not a lot of people are playing it (free weekends are an exception). While this is not the game's fault, it's worth pointing out since this is a multi-player only game.

The Ugly

  • Nobody that plays the game seems to know how to, you know, play it correctly. This might just be an issue for the free weekend when a bunch of new players get to try it out, but still. Figuring out the basics of Conquest or Demolition isn't exactly quantum physics.
  • "Spawn choking". I don't really know what else to call this phenomenon. This is something that seems to happen quite often and is a direct cause of unbalanced teams. Basically, what it boils down to is one team completely dominating the other one by strategically guarding the area directly outside of their spawn point, killing them as soon as they show their faces.
 Blowing dudes up with dynamite is always satisfying.
 Blowing dudes up with dynamite is always satisfying.