We have made the present obsolete!!

"All hope is Gone" by Slipknot is a great song, it warmed up to me in a couple weeks. A group of 30+ year old guys...wearing masks. What a day and age we live in, right SNAKE????! Today I finally had a day off!!! What the FUCK?!! I get a day off?? What kind of SHIT is this?? Glad I got one, didn't know I had so much "rage" built inside of me after 3 weeks...of no off days. All those people, griping and pissing about stupid shit. Ugh. Just get your fuckin' uniforms and leave for cryin' out loud, I swear Lol What better way than to sweet talk your significant other and destroy the neighbors with bottom end distortion FOR SOME RELEASE?? No better way my friend, no better way. Did this for a few hours, but I'd rather the former than the latter :) And I hope the FORMER tonight rawrrr *cough*

In other news, I have NOT been able to be the little...add this to this monger that others have been catching onto lately. One reason is because I rarely have the time, but I DID have time to work out today. Could that time be spent adding pictures and criteria to existing games on Giantbomb.com? SURE! But who knows-- in the land of cotton, I tricked some customers into thinking I was an Irishman, who had a cousin named Angus McCloud, but he was originally a scottsman Lmao Okay, I'm tired right now...these bills are getting ridiculous-- and AT&T charged me 18 fuckin dollars for a goddamn UPGRADE fee??!! It's the same damn monthly plan!! Plus, when I changed it, I was not notified of this charge...but fuck it. AT&T just does that. Am I taking advantage of this profanity? Why...

YES I AM. Bitch. :)