The final achivment in Dig-Dig, "Dig" for clearnign the whole screen is very tough. I like to go back to that game every few month and try to knock that thing out but i keeps alluding me. Yesterday was no different, waiting for dinner to cook I figured I could relax, get in some quikc game time and Dig-Dug was on my mind.

I turned on the xbox, grab a cool beverage and had destiny in my sights. Getting close things are going well. Dodging and Digging. And I finally do it! But the achievement doesn't ring up. Ok, well maybe I have to finish the level. I kill the last tomato with goggles and on tot he next level. Nothing yet, i die quickly to end the game and the achievement screen pops up. It's there! I did it. But I didn't get a prompt. I look down at my controller briefly, and see the player 2 light is lit! Nooooooo. I compeated the achievement with the wrong controller!!