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a girl i grew up with is on discovery health right now

she was addicted to heroin and is now on methadone and she is pregnant.  
 she used to be so pretty and cool and now she is unrecognizable and trashy. really sad. she was best friends with my sister in middle school. my sister is succesful, has a big house, a son is 6 years old, in college, husband is in the air force. so weird to see how people end up.  
 almost makes me look forward to a high school reunion 10-20 years from now.  
kinda sad, makes ya want to go back in time when everything was nice and we were all just kids and having fun playing at the pool and stuff. 


Go Phillies!! Back to back National League Champions!!!

They have nothing but over paid pricks and only the rich can afford their tickets.  
I was just at Frankford and Cottman ave, right down the street from my house, where thousands of people were celebrating. Its really insane in this city right now!! 
I can't wait for the Phillies to stick it to the Yankees and their fake ass fans. 



enough is enough. we know its your fucking opinion. stop telling telling us your opinion is your opinion. 


Vladimir Putin is like the Will Ferrel of world leaders.

  this is the latest photo of the guy being as macho as he can be. Everytime they come out with more photos of him like this, i wonder, don't we all wanna be a little more Putin?

I can't help it, i think he's badass, in a weird Will Ferrel kinda-way. he keeps doing all this cool shit for good photo-ops.      
 i mean, come on, they should make comedies based on this shit: 
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