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The Sap is Definitely Rising 0

I'll start this review by saying: I played the hell out of Dead Rising one, but I never really liked it. It was challenging not in an intuitive and fun way, but in an annoying and frustrating way. It had a time limit that seemed destined to piss the player off, and the controls were clunky and not well thought out. That being said, I loved Dead Rising 2. It reminded me why I played the original so much and it really does seem like Capcom tried to bring something new to the table while fixing thi...

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Simplicity Gets in the Way of a Damn Fun Time 0

We all know that Fabe has been using the hype machine for years now, and usually failing to deliver. My reason for purchasing this latest installment was: "Why not?". After Fable II I honestly did not think they could dumb down the RPG genre any more. But they somehow managed it. Seriously, what RPG only makes use of half of the buttons on the 360 controller? This game could have alternatively been called: Fantasy RPGs for Toddlers. My goddamn speak-n-spell when I was a kid was about a dozen tim...

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Innovative and Fun Despite Huge Problems 0

The fact is, after Fallout 3 I was a huge fan-boy. Hell, even before that I bought everything Bethesda made and played it for years afterwords. But that doesn't mean I can't at least attempt to be objective. I have played 30+ hours of this game already and seen several hours of the PC version played (both patched and unpatched). The glitches, freezes, frame rate issues etc. make this an exceedingly frustrating game to attempt to play. Those who don't make tender love to the autosave frequently a...

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