Best of 2009

UnholyBomb: Best of 2009

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  • How is this even possible? Reviving Street Fighter seemed destined for failure, but alas we were wrong. And it was so good to be wrong.

  • Probably the most tried and true game formula ever, control Mario in a 2d setting. But it's so fun. Great level design and fun multiplayer.

  • Trials HD offered crazy challenges and satisfying physics. And a great use of leaderboards as well.

  • Took an established formula and added melee weapons and a southern theme, for better or worse.

  • The Game of the Year Edition was a 2009 release. LBP is filled with charm and creativity.

  • Ridiculous characters and a fun sense of humor, Peggle Deluxe is casual gaming perfection.

  • BlazBlue is a satisfying fighter with a heavy anime inspired theme. Great characters and maybe the best looking 2d animation ever.

  • An action packed ride with a franchise from yesteryear. Could have been longer but the difficulty keeps you coming back for more.

  • Raiden IV is old school gaming goodness. Nothing revolutionary in this one but that's probably not why you would play it anyways.

  • Tekken is all around solid. The fighting feels familiar and clearly the benchmark for the 3d clones.