Hard to Support Giant Bomb

Mature Rating.
Mature Rating.
The Giant Bomb is a great idea, yet here I am, finding it extremely difficult to support the site. 

I have a lot of respect for Brad and especially Jeff with regards to their historical work, and what they have done thus far with this site.  Unfortunately, they have decided to allow adult oriented content including questionable images, foul language, and the glamorization of alcohol consumption to permeate their work. 

On a site dedicated to games, who thousands upon thousands of impressionable kids visit for information, they push forward activities that are considered inappropriate in most adult situations and especially in the life of children. 

What's worse, is there are videos of the gaming companies, partaking in the exact same activities.  Gaming companies are not only promoting their games to the kids on this site, they are engaging in these activities on videos that are posted on the site.  Due to the recklessness of these companies and the complete lack of responsibility they have shown to the welfare of the kids, I will never purchase one of their games.