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A fantastic follow up to a revolutionary game. 0

    The first thing that possibly went through the minds of gamers who were blown away by RE4 and couldn't wait for the sequel, was "how could it be better than RE4?". And while the task of following up on a masterpiece such as Resident Evil 4 is daunting in appearance, Resident Evil 5 manages to be an ultimately satisfying experience that succeeds as a sequel to its revolutionary predecessor.        Gameplay:The gameplay of RE5 will right out feel familiar to many gamers as mostly the same as...

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A trip through the classics. 0

By 1993, the Mario Franchise was flourishing from their groundbreaking and wonderously addictive gameplay and accessablity. From their recent hit Super Mario World, right back to Super Mario Bros for the NES. In a way, you could consider Super Mario All Stars as sort of a Gift Bag for those who just want a lot of the fun in one package. Super Mario All Stars is a complation of the Super Mario Bros series on one game: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros 2, and Sup...

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