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My thoughts about Battlefield 4 so far.

For starters, this is all on console. I won't go down on graphics and such since I'll be getting the game for PS4 in the future, so complaining about graphics on 8 year old hardware is pointless.

So far I've gotten mixed feelings about beta, there are a positives and surprisingly many negatives too, some of them are something that DICE can't fix. I'll suggest few adjustments that'd make the game play better, and you're more than welcome to agree. Any sort of discussion is welcome.

I'll start with the negatives.

  • Siege Of Shanghai must be one of the most awful maps I've played. If I'm not wrong, the game has always been about playing the objective and teamwork. Right now you can access rooftop next to every flag on conquest. On Domination, you can access rooftop that has vision to 2 out of 3 flags. You have one access to these rooftops, elevators. Usually people camping on rooftops have a friend or other player next to them with C4 planted or with shotgun. You think it's bad now? Wait till Recons get claymores and supports get remote mortars. This kind of crap is exactly why I didn't want Recons to get claymores in the first place, just encourages camping. Ruins fun for other players, and who it hurts the most is your teammates. For reference, majority of my time in BF2, BC2, BF3 and BF4 is spent as Recon. If they want to keep the elevators, add alternative ways to get on top of rooftops and put a out of bounds zone on top of buildings that don't have an elevator going up to them.
  • Flag capture areas are insanely big. You can capture a flag on conquest from rooftops in C and B flag, with B, you remain hidden to other people on lower floor, and only way to access you is coming up with a elevator, where you can place a C4 or Claymore, or just point your gun at elevator with closed doors. When the skyscraper has been destroyed, you can capture B flag underwater.
  • Faster kill times, longer respawn time. This just makes dying to a guy waiting next to elevator with shotgun or getting killed by some useless sniper on top of rooftop more frustrating. I don't really mind the faster respawn times, but the killtimes were good in BF3 in my opinion, hardcore was viable option for people wanting "more realistic kill times".
  • No suppression. This is the thing making this more enjoyable to play than BF3.

Now that we got those off, I'll post things I've been impressed by so far.

  • Battlepickups aren't that bad. I was very relieved to see this. They work as intended, they give a short time power weapon, but on most you still have to be able to use them to get kills with them. So far none of them have been giving "Wow, that guy is invincible with the gun" feeling. They're very limited on ammo which is good, and respawn time isn't too fast either. They add a nice spice to the game in my opinion, even though at first I was very against them.
  • Squadwork is rewarded. Field Upgrades. I like this very much, playing with friends makes the bar fill very quickly and this gives feeling that sticking with squad is rewarding. They give a small bonus, but nothing that gives you and your squad too much of an edge. Afterall, biggest trait you get is teamwork, which is a lot more powerful than any of the field upgrades.
  • Point system overall. I have a friend who hasn't got insane reflexes or isn't overall that good in FPS games, but he often gets in top 3-5 by handing out ammo, spotting and teamwork. In BF3, the best way to rack up score was just plain killing people. Now you can easily pass those on top of building sitters just by being a good teammate, even if you're not that good at FPS games overall.
  • Class Balance. Class balance seems very good, aside from support's LMGs being absolutely terrible. U-100 even loses to pistols on toe to toe fights. Assault kit still has that beginner friendly point system, but I think it's just a good thing. New players should definitely be encouraged to pick up an assault and work as a medic instead of picking Recon and taking an elevator to sit on top of a building.

Few more complaints but I'm pretty sure all of these are going to get changed.

  • No Recoil. There is almost no recoil, my guess is this is to make the game more newbie appealing to know, that crowd.
  • LMGs are useless. You have better chance killing people with pistols than using U-100.
  • RPG bullets have more splash damage against infantry. At long range engagements, it's better to shoot RPG than your PDW or Carbine.
  • Your teammates don't always have a name on top of them. At times you shoot a tank and wonder why it didn't take damage. Then suddenly a friendly name pops on top of it.
  • No BF3 controller layout. Man this has gotten people so worked up, and I can understand them. New controllers aren't that bad, but you should be able to use BF3 style controls.
  • Weapon customization screen is a mess. You this stick up to choose this, use that stick left to choose that, click the stick and spin it around to choose another. Ok, not that complicated but it still feels clunky.

Overall, I've both liked and hated the beta. I feel like conquest battles are decided on which team has less people camping on top of rooftops, wins. I fear that this will be even worse on Siege Of Shanghai when people get claymores and their 40x scopes. I have faith in DICE though, BF3 beta did feel very odd and it had faster kill times than BF4 beta has now, this was changed in final version.