I'm F'ING annoyed!

I am fucking annoyed with the state of gaming these days. As the Giant Bomb Crew pointed out in their GOTY podcast this year is filled with sequels, and out of all of those, I might be able to pick out two or three I would actually recommend to anybody. Take CoD:MW3 for example, The game is pretty much the same as MW2, "story" progression aside, it offers nothing new to the series. The same goes for Assassins Creed: Revelations, the only "new" thing it introduces is a shitty implementation of the tower defense genera, had it not been for my investment in the stoy, I'd probably never play that game.¨

The core of this problem is the annualized series we are fooled into buying over and over again. The annualizing of games has been a norm when it comes to sports games, but recently it has started appearing in other genres as well, be it driving games, or the Call of Duty series, I mean, Activision has Four studios dedicated to development of CoD games. Give me a fucking break! How long will this go on?

But who's fault is it really, I'll tell you. It is our fault. Us, the consumers, thr gamers. Especially the so called Casual Gamers, the ones thinking "That last Call of Duty gmae was pretty good, I should probably buy this next one." It is your fault, please stop it!

Anyways, rant over!

I am going to sleep now, will review this in the morning and probably delete it. Had a heated argument (after a few beers) with some freinds of mine about the state of the gaming industry, and I jst had to get tihis of my chest.



EDIT: Wow, just read through this after sobering up, and while he has serious trouble with his writing, drunk me does make some fair points.