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Damn it Otto, you have depression.

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In which I remove the exclusivity from my exclusive bonus.

Well, being that I'm a simple-minded fool who still finds it fun to shoot fools with the same general mechanics I first payed fifty dollars for back in 2007, I pre-ordered MW3 on amazon. The fact that I can get the game on release day for zero shipping charge(Prime member) and zero tax is more than enough incentive to spurn any attempts from gamestop or Best Buy to get my dollar. But of course, exclusive pre-order bonuses are the name of the game now. Amazon usually doesn't get much in the way of in-game stuff, instead going "Hey, you just bought this game for sixty dollars, that's great. So great in fact, here's twenty dollars to spend on our website. What's that? The price of the game dropped release date, well here's your ten dollars back."

As a college student, that's fucking grand. Less grand is there promotion for MW3, ten dollars off a turtle beach headset. As someone who's sole tatic in multiplayer shooters is running around until I find someone too shoot or is shot, hearing someone footsteps fails to give me much of a woody*. But unbeknownst too me, there was a another pre-order bonus, an exclusive one. I checked my email not too long ago, and sandwiched between a email from redbox and a facebook notification that three people I don't talk too are celebrating the birthday before the one that grants you the right to drink your misery away, was one marked as important. The words Exclusive and Amazon grabbing my attention, enticing me to click before I read the full title.

Dear Customer,

The Amazon Video Games team thanks you for your pre-order of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3". Now it's time to get you your exclusive MW3 Wallpaper.

Here is your link:
Thank you for your continued support of Video Games Editors

A wallpaper? An exclusive wallpaper? Am I really supposed to get excited about this? Please don't take this as me bitching about getting something for free when Amazon could've easily given me only the game. But in terms of pre-order bonuses, wallpaper, I'm sorry exclusive wallpaper, seems comparable to unlockable concept art. Though maybe the wallpaper is dope as fuck, maybe

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Oh...Well, so it's kind of lame, and now it's now longer exclusive cuz I uploaded it too giantbomb, free for the taking for you non-amazon-pre-ordering folks. Goddamn me.

*Been watching Generation Kill again, Whopper Jr. man.

EDIT: And this post wasn't at all inspired by the Blog Initiative, not at all.