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A decent adventure game for younger players 0

While this is an impressive first adventure game for the Starfox crew, it is a little more liner than I like. However the somewhat straight forward progression is helped with a decent story and well thought out cut scene placement. For those that need a lot of help Slippy is always on hand to point you in the right direction, even if you didn't want to know. The upside is that if you ignore it as an adult you get an extra bit of difficulty, but it can help out the younger or less skilled members...

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Not bad for it's time, but repetative 0

Stampede is more of a round up game, the goal is to rope as many calves as possible. You can only move up and down, so you have to get the timing down to rope them as well as learn how to herd them. You get three misses, then your game is over. There are four types of cattle and they move at different speeds. The brown calves are the fastest, the yellow ones are the slowest moving ones, with the tan ones being in between those two speeds. The black ones don't move at all, but are worth the mos...

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Wii sports is the perfect launch title 0

Wii Sports is the only game sold with a console at launch the generation, and it is a perfect way to introduce the new control mechanics. Anyone can pickup and play this game, and though mastering it is not easy it is not required to have fun. There are five sports to play, and though they are not as involved as a game made solely for one of them that was not the intention with Wii Sports. The games are designed to help you get used to playing games a new way, and the selection of sports offere...

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