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Everyone should try this game at some point in their life. 0

Asteroids. My dad introduced me to this one and it was a bit of a bonding experience playing against his high score on our PC. (He was much better at it then me). The gameplay is pretty simple. You control a little triangle/spaceship moving it around the screen to avoid asteroids while shooting them, and when you hit they split into smaller and smaller pieces. Eventually just disappearing for good. Of course on occasion flying saucer ships would show and start shooting at you as well. The game a...

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A excellent WW2 shooter. Probably the best one. 0

     About 6 months ago, I had never played a WW2 shooter other then in passing. And then I played CoD4. Seeing that I absolutely loved the game and almost everything about it. I figured I’d give the older one ago. Then looking up information on the series, I found that a lot of the people on the Call of Duty team made some of the earlier Medal of Honor games.    So, based on that I started from the beginning, Medal of Honor, then skipping MoH: Underground, I played MoH: Allied assault. At some...

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Holds up well. Plays a bit like Goldeneye. 0

  Pros: +Decently long campaign +Fun shooting mechanics, similar to Goldeneye +Excellent musical score Cons: -Mediocre graphics for a PS1 game. -uninteresting story (not to surprising, it is a WW2 shooter) Intro: I recently played through MoH and I have to say it’s one of the better PS1 games I have played. The shooting elements are well thought out, the weapons are fun to shoot, and there is a good variety in the environments and missions. Let’s dissect the game a bit. Now note, I only played t...

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A somewhat buggy but fun entry in the Silent hill series 0

Much of the Silent Hill series had an ability to really creep the player (or anyone watching) out, and send delightful feelings of dread to one’s mind. Feelings that make you honestly afraid to explore farther then what you thought was necessary to get past an area. This entry has successfully done the same. I have played all of the Silent Hill games except the PSP title, Origins, and the only one among those that I haven’t beaten was Silent Hill 4: The Room. And I watched half of the movie befo...

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