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Now Playing: SC Conviction

For me, playing playing SC Conviction is both very rewarding and fun, while also being slightly disappointing.  The game plays out like a predatory power fantasy and this theme actually works very well with the Splinter Cell fiction.  The disappointment does not come from the game itself, but rather from the implications of making a game like this. 
One such implication is that a more traditional Splinter Cell game being released in the future is not very likely.  Ubisoft probably felt like their first foray into the current generation of consoles (Double Agent) was poorly received due to the tried and true SC mechanics being inaccesible to most people, and maybe they are right.  However, i can't help but think that Double Agent suffered from diverging just enough from Chaos Theory just enough to harm the game.  Personally, I really couldn't stand the missions in the JBA headquarters and the entire trust system was frustrating and more than a little contrived.   
 Conviction avoids making this mistake by completely overhauling the game, as opposed to just introducing a few new systems.  While I really like the new direction, I'd also love to see Chaos Theory get the follow-up it deserves.  Who knows, maybe there could be a SC side series with a new protagonist.  
Anyway, I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts on this matter.


Playing SFIV again...

With the impending release of SSFIV, I've decided to jump headlong back into good old vanilla SFIV.  The results have been mixed. 
A few intensely frustrating nights have passed and i think that I'm starting to return to my previous skill level, mediocre.  I've been playing a good bit with my usual main, Abel, and also trying to learn a few new characters, primarily Balrog.  This has been particularly interesting because the move to a charge character is a more significant one than to another quarter-circle type character.  It's sort of a revelation when you realize that you are basically supposed to ALWAYS be holding down-back
As as aside, i've noticed something interesting about the game's online user base.  If you use matchmaking to find a ranked match, many of the players are mediocre at best.  This is where you see the most Kens, Akumas, and Ryus.  I'm not trying to say that these are crappy characters or anything like that, I just feel like a certain type of player gravitates to those characters in addition to the players who actually know these characters well, if that makes sense.  Also, i'm not trying to insinuate that I always win against these guys, because I certainly don't.  Alot of times, these players will use tactics that I intellectually know how to deal with, but in the heat of the match my frustration and tension works against me 
On the other hand, you have player matches.  This is by far where the majority of the highly skilled SF players reside, in my experience.  Almost every loss against one of these players is a learning experience for me.  They beat me soundly, often with characters that I rarely go up against and with tactics that I am unfamiliar with.  As a result, these player matches are where I am spending most of my time in the game.  I'm curious to hear if you guys feel the same way. 


Hello World!

Hey guys, just joined up and trying to get acquainted to the GB users.  Anyway, I'm heavy into SSF2THDR (phew) at the moment, and I was hoping I could get some people together for a tournament. Once we get a few people signed up, we'll decide on a time, but I'm hoping for sometime this weekend.  Anyway, I very much personify mediocrity as far as that game goes, so don't feel intimidated if you want to join up but are afraid you'll be outclassed!