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(Copy+Paste) Star Wars: Those Tricky Jedi

If you have not played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and don't want the impact of any part of the story to be struck down then do not read.

Seconds after I had touched down on the planet of the Jedi, Dantooine, I realised that the entirety of it was painted with the blood of those Jedi. I wasn't much for blue at that period in time, for it would only remind me of water, the one substance of which I strongly craved. Everywhere I stepped: robes, fear, over-confidence; the three prime characteristics of this land. I was soon to be halted by a woman going by the name of - she ran away before I could acquire her name. It was a brief conversation; brains were contested, arms were folded. Yes, it was a war. Fortuitously for me the epic conversational battle ended in a swift manner.

I continued convivially on my path without obstruction, though those Jedi can be a tricky gang of characters. I wandered into a room where they were waiting for me. All in a circle, staring... I felt their evil eyes upon my visage. "What do you want from me?" I clearly spoke, not wanting them to sense upset. One man, and I'm assuming that he is the leader of this gang, proceeded to explain his ideas. Oh, I'd like them to believe that I would like to join there pathetic gang, but I was not, myself, going to believe it. Their level of naïveté was unmatched by me and I was not willing to be dragged down with them into the abyss that is their ways in coalescence.

I did not give any attention to what any of them said to me, but I went along with it. "I am willing to try my best," I announced in sneakily sneaky sneak-talk. My deceitful plan tasted of Jedi... delicious. My thoughts gave me a dream that I did not care for at all.

The morning greeted me with Carth, complaining as usual. He did give me some "important" information, so I travelled to where the Jedi stay. It was my time to become one with them. I didn't expect so many weeks to pass in such little time, but that's how it went. These Jedi fellows are trickier than what I first thought.

I would write more, but I have some things to do. Maybe I'll get to writing a second part tomorrow.


The Evil Machines in My Possession and Los Amigos del GigaWyvern

I have created a two lists. "The Evil Machines in My Possession" isn't so fascinating, you can just see what I own (or just have around). "Los Amigos del GigaWyvern" (the friends of the GigaWyvern) is where the entertainment dwells! As you can see, I am addicted to using Spanish... now that I can finally get away with using it. There are only two on the list at this time, but I will extend it to include others at a later date... possibly even tonight (around now).

I challenge you to make your own lists of friends, including some random thing about each person.


The Repetition

I'm not being creative right now, so here is something that I wrote on GS for anyone who didn't see it earlier. I am tired and I hope that no one thought that I was complaining in that last thing I wrote. I also wonder if anyone has noticed me stretching out my sentences with more frequent inclusion of words like "that"

I realised how boring it can be for me to just run around in a game, sometimes breaking up that almost-soporiferous activity with a few presses of the 'A' and 'Y' buttons on the Xbox 360 controller. Even then it's still too repetitious for most. The appeal of role playing games, for me, was in the quality of the story and the characters. I have, for most of my life been drawn towards games that seem to have colourful (but not too colourful, as it can ruin the effect when it becomes too rich), effervescent scenery; well-written dialogue, unique and memorable characters; an epic, even drawn out story; addictive gameplay; and at least one, just as with the gameplay, addictive mini-game.
   The game that made me realise some negatives in the genre is Enchanted Arms, which I had bought for $45, if my mind isn't playing with me. By looking at the cover I could see that it is a colourful game, just as I would have hoped, though I could not be as sure as I would have liked to be (Black Stone: Magic & Steel lied to me). The game is satisfactorily vivid, so that's one thing out of the way, discounting the foreseeable barren areas, such as the caves.
   I see it as being ironic that my favourite game, Final Fantasy VIII, has less colour than Enchanted Arms has. What I like about FFVIII is the atmosphere, the thing that makes all of the towns, forests, caves, etc. worth running through for hours and hours and, well, days. Also, to break up the monotony with more than just the simplistic pressing of two buttons regularly for a simplistic action, is the card game, which is also my favourite mini-game, Triple Triad. The game is highly addictive and throughout most of the game world I will have someone who I will want challenge to a game of it.
   Something that I think would be very good is having at least one mini-game in the game that you are making, unless there is no way for a mini-game to fit in without it feeling intrusive to the experience. Another thing would be to have hundreds of people just sitting, standing, walking around the cities and towns. Though the people don't move around much (in comparison with other games) in Final Fantasy XII, they add immensely to the feel of everything, mostly because they work in accordance with the audio, making you feel as though you are there among the people who occupied the streets.
   Running around in an RPG, fighting randomly appearing monsters can be very boring if that is all that there is to do, but it can all be vastly improved if the need is felt to improve it (which it should be). Just some people well-distributed around the world with an above-average audio track to accompany them, a mini-game or two that is/are easy and addictive to play, interesting and colourful scenery to make any game world feel more vibrant, and a battle system that keeps you involved and thinking about strategic opportunities.

I could definitely keep going on about numerous subtleties that can add so much to a game, specifically an RPG, but this could begin to get overlong (I had to restrain myself from making the previous paragraph just that).

Do you have any favourite subtlety that improves a game in a huge way?

(real paragraphs!)

Something new coming soon... I hope.


On the Darker Side

Some things that I do not like about this website (which will most likely be fixed/improved):

1. "This post by GigaWyvern (6 posts) was deleted by the mods". I deleted it myself. This doesn't look good for anyone who has deleted their own post/s.
2. I want to set my time zone to GMT+12, as it should be. I can't find any way to do this, so I'm stuck on one that is more than 12 hours behind mine.
3. The "feed" seems to be dead on my page.
4. Some things can be very slow at times.
5. I think that I clicked on "forums" and was sent to the PS3 forums... which is why I had to delete a post that made no sense in there.


GigaWyvern is in the Archive

Here are some things that I like about this website:

1. I can use other languages without feeling like I am risking something.
2. I can use other characters (¥, ñ, ¾, etc.) without having to make an unseen modification to the text.
3. I have a better name than "kingkilla3".
4. I can just write on "the wall" if I want to start a conversation with someone on here.
5. I can show my current status, so it's just like...... Windows Live Messenger.....



I can use them in the title! Victory!
I am here, you must know who this is. I really dislike my GS name... so I have this POWERFUL ONE.

What do you think of my new name?