I've lost interest

I'm a sophomore in college and although a good portion of my friends are games enthusiast, I just can't get excited about video games anymore. I really try to, but I just can't lose myself in a game like I could in high school. I always start to feel when I'm playing that my time could be better spent doing something else. This realization came to me when I decided to cancel my Skyrim pre-order on Amazon. Part of me really wants to get that game because of my fond memories of Oblivion, but another part of me knows that it will probably end up never getting played.

Maybe I feel this way because of how busy I currently am with school and work, but I think I might be generally losing interest. My real passion is tech, I'm a Computer Science major. I'm thinking I'll sell my consoles so I can buy an Android tablet. I probably wont be posting here very often once that happens, so I just want to say that it's been rad. I love this community and I've conversed with some awesome people over the years on this site. Farewell my friends.