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Onward and upward, but where do we go from here? 1

This console generation has not been kind to the Legend of Zelda series. Often considered to be one of the most beloved console gaming franchises of all time, that legacy has been tarnished in the years since cult classic The Wind Waker released on the Gamecube in 2003. In many ways, Zelda has become a victim of its own success; trying to please all of its fans, yet failing to fully satisfy any of them. Each installment tweaks the basic formula to some degree, but the main architecture of every ...

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There are many stories, but only one Legend. 0

As nearly any gamer now knows, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the beginning of the Zelda saga, portraying the first time that the destinies of Link, Zelda, and Ganon become intertwined with the fate of the ever-powerful Triforce. In order to prevent a dark future under the reign of an evil thief from occurring, Zelda and Link conspire as children to protect the Triforce at any cost on an adventure that has Link travelling through time from childhood to adulthood and back again, learning...

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Is this game fit for a Prince or a Pauper? 0

When it was released in 2003, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a critical darling, praised for it’s intriguing story, ideas and fluid gameplay.  Following weak sales, however, publisher Ubisoft took the series into the mainstream with ill-conceived ideas that upped the focus on combat, “toughened up” the once-lovable Prince, and added in a soundtrack by hard rock band, Godsmack.  Needless to say, much of what was praised by critics was lost, and the series continued to have trouble findin...

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Should we have listened when she said, "Never follow me"? 2

 Morrigan is the focal point of Witch Hunt. Also, my dreams... sigh. When Dragon Age: Origins was first released last fall, the sassy and sardonic witch companion Morrigan quickly became a fan favorite.  Her biting comments at the expense of other characters was a constant source of humor in the game, and the fact that you could get her to put out didn't hurt, either.  By the end of the game, Morrigan was still as mysterious as she was in the beginning, leav...

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Is this prequel to the sequel worth your time or a quick cash-in? 0

When Capcom released the first Dead Rising, one of the main factor's of its success was the dearth of quality software soon  There are plenty of zombies to bludgeon in this new downloadable title. after the launch of the 360.  While the game was well-made and fairly popular, the Japanese developer included some design and control quirks that turned off some American players.  With a new American developer and some adjustments to the game design, Dead Rising 2 looks to bring the frantic fu...

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