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Best of 2011

My subjective list of the best games in 2011

List items

  • Wonderful atmosphere, tone and pacing to the story, combined with rock-solid game mechanisms. A fantastic sequel and thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Immense, immersive, immeasurable, imperfect, utterly broken, ...almost forgiven.

  • A wonderfully deceptive and deep strategy game. Blends elements from strategic board games into an impossibly cute management sim. The most compelling and challenging Kairosoft game to date. Captures the "Just one more minute..." gameplay that suits mobile gaming.

  • Doesn't quite hit the highs of Among Thieves but comes bloody close.

  • A real surprise. Takes the best elements of Sim City and Transport Tycoon and puts them into real world city maps. Top of the class.

  • Fantastic. The best Mario handheld game since Mario Land 2.

  • Around 7 hours of play and it's climbing the list. Spot-on motion controls and visuals but some nasty difficulty spikes.

  • Fantastic end to the series. Great co-op multiplayer.

  • Not the masterpiece some feel it is, but very enjoyable all the same. Some pretty obvious design decision, weak plot and cliches taint it slightly.

  • PullBlox in UK. The first true Stereoscopic 3D game, that uses the technology in the core of the gameplay design. Buy it!

  • The combination of Forza 4 and the MS Speed Wheel is intoxicating.

  • More puzzling fun but it doesn't hit the heights of the predecessors.

  • The best 3DS launch game. Julian Gallop at his best. Turn-based strategy never looked so good.

  • Just wonderful in every way: pretty, stylish, whimsical and entertaining.

  • I late surprise as I only played it in late December, but I'm blown away by how good and clever it is.

  • Grrr! Blue Shells! But it's amazing still.

  • A lot of hostility to the game's shortcomings, but i found it a thoroughly entertaining yarn with a more intimate tone.

  • Superbly polished racer and sadly overlooked.

  • Another surprising title and one that I need to really finish in 2012.

  • The Multiplayer is still heaps of fun with a squad of friends, but it just strays over the line into over complexity for me. I preferred Bad Company 2. Single Player campaign is very weak compared to BC2.