Best of 2018

List items

  • Despite some of it’s shortcoming in the open world design I did not have more fun with a game this year. It has never been this much fun to be Spider-Man.

  • Fantastic retooling of the franchise. They made the combat more engaging and delivered a great story.

  • Despite all it’s shortcomings BFV is my favorite MP game of the year. It launched too early, but underneath the issues you can see how this could end up being the best title in the franchise.

  • I was shocked at how much fun I had with Black Ops 4. Zombies didn’t grab me this time around, but MP is fantastic. Their interpretation of Battle Royal is also my favorite so far.

  • Great tactics game in the vein of XCOM. The twist is you are actually exploring the wastelands like in an RPG.

  • The Horizon series seems like it can do no wrong. Another great entry.

  • Overcooked 2 ended up being one of my most played games this year. Just had an amazing time playing this with my girlfriend.

  • Hey it’s more Hitman! On the one hand that is great, but it also didn’t quite have the impact of the last title.

  • Great indie Souls-like with a really nice art style.

  • So RDR2 almost didn’t make this list. I had fun with it and I admire a lot of the ambition, but ther e is also so much in this which makes it less fun to play. It’s a technical and writing achievement, but at the same time the design of Rockstar feels stuck in the past. The multiplayer is also a disappointment as it suffers from the same issues GTA Online does.