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I, want to Giant Bomb all niiiight! And Quick Look every day!

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My Favourite Ryan Davis moment

“Hey everybody it’s Tuesday!”

I haven’t used my blog on this website in a long time. According to my blog, the last time I wrote something on it was back in 2009 regarding my first impressions about Street Fighter IV. But I figured that this would be a good time to share my favourite Ryan Davis moment.

I’ve been a premium member of the site for a while now, and I’ve been a regular listener of the Giant Bombcast. My favourite Ryan Davis moment involves a particular episode. I can’t remember which one exactly, but it was a while back, and I’m pretty sure Rich Gallup was on it when he was still with 38 studios.

Anyway, they were taking emails from listeners regarding coming up with a term for when you get stuck in a particular moment in a game, take a break from it, come back to it later, and beat the part you were stuck on, on the first try. The term that I had submitted was “Gamer’s Block”, sort of in the same vein as “Writer’s Block”.

Ryan Davis ended up reading my suggestion and saying my name and city on the Bombcast!

The initial reaction was silence lol, but moments later, Ryan commented about how he didn’t think the term was good haha. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but all I remember was that I was listening to the podcast in my cubicle at work trying to quietly contain my excitement!

I know that this doesn’t seem as big a deal as some people may see, but not having met any of the Giant Bomb crew personally, it was pretty exciting for me.

Years later, I still continue to follow Giant Bomb and am forever grateful for the hours of entertainment that Ryan Davis and the rest of the crew have churned out. I’ve already thanked Ryan for his hosting on the various shows and the Bombcast on my Twitter account, but I also want to thank him for all the video game coverage throughout the years and his hard work helping make Giant Bomb the success it is today.

Condolences go out to Ryan’s wife Anna, her family, Ryan’s family, their friends, his fans, and of course, the Giant Bomb crew. RIP Ryan Davis. We love you.

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Street Fighter IV: First Impressions

Hey everyone, I'm John.  Long time "Giant Bomber", first time blogger.  On this site anyways...

So I recently picked up Street Fighter IV for the XBOX 360.  I know, I'm behind in the times.  It was kind of weird at first, because I had
been used to playing HD Remix, and found that the pacing, timing and character collision detection was slightly different.  Maybe it was just
me, I don't know.  But it didn't take me long to adjust and now I'm pretty addicted to the game.

One particular mode has raised my addiction, and that mode is the Challenge Mode.

What I found addicting about the mode was that the Challenge Mode almost has a "puzzle game-like" feel to it.  Now, I'm not that great at Street Fighter by any means (my title is actually set to "Late Bloomer") but it's been a great learning tool for me.  I just recently found out how to make Ryu go from a crouching Fierce Punch into a Dragon Punch with ease! And it's this learning experience that's made this mode so enjoyable.  As Jeff said in a podcast, it won't train you on when you should use certain moves in certain situations.  But I feel it will at least give rookies a fighting chance in a match, as well as a few combos to take with them into those matches.

I was also surprised to find that some of the most difficult combos to pull off were ones that involved only single button presses.  You'd think that pressing Short Punch, Medium Punch, Short Kick (or something like that), would just be simply pressing those buttons in order, but in fact, you have to have precision timing, otherwise those button presses don't chain together.  The timing for certain combos has definitely been difficult, but also extermely satisfying once achieved.

In conclusion, Street Fighter IV definitely lives up to its name.  Kudos to all you Street Fighter pros out there!  And even though I'm not at that level, I'm still having a blast playing the game.  I even went out and purchased the Mad Catz Fightpad.  Awesome controller!!

Thanks, and keep on street fighting!......In the game that is, not in real life......'cause that'd be bad.......

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