What are the things you can't let slide?

​I posted a blog earlier in the week about some fun Rougelike games, hoping people would discuss the games and recommend others. But the conversation quickly veered off course, focusing not on the games, but the word I used to define them. Sticklers!

I can’t blame them though. I’ve been known to stickle here and there (not sure if that sounds dirty, is ‘stickle’ an entry in urban dictionary for anything?). I feel like the anonymity of the Internet makes it easier for sticklers to thrive. In the real world, nitpicking semantics is a quick way to lose friends. But sometimes you gotta let the geek flag fly. You just have to say something.

Everyone is geeky about something. Everyone knows way too much about a subject and feels the need to correct others when they make an incorrect statement. Here are some of mine:

I could care less

You couldn’t care less. Everyone says this wrong. It’s not “could” care less. That would be like saying, “I love this cake so much! My heart overflows with such rich love for its moist tastiness; I could care less.”

See? When you say, “I couldn’t care less about pie,” one might argue that you don’t care for pie at all. You’re already at the bottom of your care levels. This one is mistaken so often that when I see it in movies and TV, it’s hard to tell if the writers slipped up, or intentionally left it in to fit the character. I hope it’s the latter.

I prefer Droids to iPhones

This one really gets under my skin. No, it’s not the comparison that bothers me, it’s the way marketing has confused the general public into equating a branding scheme with actual software.

Droid is a brand name used by Verizon to sell Android phones from a variety of phone manufacturers, such as Motorola, HTC and Samsung. They seem to use the Droid branding at random, as not all of their phones have it. Interestingly, they actually license the word ‘Droid’ from its trademark owner, Lucasarts. You know, Droids, the ones you were looking for.

Android is an operating system made by Google, just like iOS is an operating system made by Apple, and Windows is an operating system made by Microsoft. Android runs on phones and tablets, including many that have the Droid branding. So while every Droid is an Android phone, not every Android phone is a Droid. Just like not every Windows PC is a Dell.

If you have an Android phone on any network other than Verizon, you do not have a Droid.

They didn’t need to remake that Spider-Man movie

Well, they sort of did. I loved it, but that’s not the point here. The point is that Sony Pictures has the film rights for Spider-Man. They got it from Marvel back in 1999, before Marvel was in the movie making biz. According to the contract with Marvel, if Sony Pictures goes too long without making a Spider-Man movie (not sure how many years are stipulated in the contract), the license reverts back to Marvel, or Marvel will have an option to buy back the rights. Since the first three Spider-Man movies brought in boatloads of money for Sony, they decided to make another one. Did they need the new one to be a reboot instead of a continuation? No, but hey, why not? A reboot could reinvigorate an aging cash cow. Worked for Batman.

Marvel has since tried to regain film rights to the heroes they sold off. They got The Incredible Hulk back from Universal after Ang Lee’s 2003 movie, but 20th Century Fox still has the Fantastic Four and X-Men, which includes Wolverine—a character they areapparently not done butchering.

Another fun fact: Sony worked with Disney (who bought Marvel in 2009) for merchandising support for the Amazing Spider-Man. Which is why you can go into a Disney store and see toys with the Amazing Spider-Man costume redesign, alongside wholly owned Disney/Marvel properties like the Avengers.


It’s pronounced the way it is spelled: “Miss-cha-vus” not “Miss-chee-vee-us.” For it to be pronounced the wrong way, it would need to be spelled “Mishchievious.” But it’s not spelled that way. So say it right!

I’m boycotting all EA games

When someone says online that they’re boycotting all EA, or Activision or Ubisoft games, what do they mean? Those three companies are publishers. Though they do own a number of in-house developers, they also do quite a bit of contract work with independent developers. If you were to boycott all EA games, you’d also have to boycott any game from their partners program, like Rock Band, BulletStorm, Shank and others. Also, there are a ton of studios within EA, so why boycott every game? The people that make Mass Effect aren’t the same people that make The Sims, despite both games having the same logo on the box.

Those are just a few that irk me, and I guess they reflect my writing and geeky background. What are some of the things you just can’t let slide? Do you hate when someone confuses a gun clip with a magazine? Annoyed when a person calls a bag of processed potato chips “all natural”? Does it rile you up to see someone treat every brand of shoe the same? Sound off below, maybe we can all help each other annoy each other…less.