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 My Gaming Life in a (rather long) Nutshell

I was a casual gamer and started young with my Nintendo 64. I had a NES and SNES before it as well. Mario 64 was a great game but to be honest i was way to young at that time to really understand the depth of possibilities of video games. I'm 16 now and a Junior in high school, but don't take me as one of those immature children at school, because im not. I came into gaming a little more when i had all last gen consoles (Ps2 , gamecube, xbox). My only games i really "beat" and really loved back then was the Knights of the old republic star wars games. During last generation i was a MAJOR diablo 2 player. I played diablo 2 for an easy 5 years on and off. I do regret my decision of doing this but theres no turning back now. For a while we had dial up and got rid of internet and got it back, so i was never able to play xbox live on my original xbox. I also now look back and wonder why i had all three consoles, i wasn't even a hardcore gamer. I never played God of war, metal gear solid, or super mash bros, i do regret those decisions now as well, but i can always enjoy new franchises and games. I wasn't really a Halo player either, i bought the first one and rented the second, never beat either. In 2005 i got my xbox 360 for christmas. I also got everything i needed for Xbox live, and it has changed my gaming experiences forever. It has added replay value to the majority of my games (Halo3, gears of war .. multiplayer). I started with Call of duty 2 and played it a whole lot online. A purchased other games as well but nothing major. A year later gears of war came out, and i loved it and that is all i played. A year later, halo comes out. I like it but i really liked gears better. A lot of halo players dont like gears of war, but i played gears of war before halo online, so gears of war is my favorite online game. (I'm extremely excited about gears of war 2!!!). I played Halo 3 a lot over last summer and pretty much forgot about the rest of my games. (I play / have a lot more games im just only going into depth about major online games that i've played). Also call of duty 4 pulled me off of halo for a while as well. The thing i don't like about online gaming,  and it might just be me, is that if you play one game then you get good at it and play a different game you will suck at it. I recently started playing Gears of war again and i sucked a lot at first now im decent, not as good as i use to be. Im preparing for Gears of war 2. I also have a nintendo Wii, and a nintendo DS. I got a Wii at launch, then decided to sell it a few weeks later because i liked my xbox better. I then got another one for my birthday because all of the games on it (really doesn't seem like that much now). I enjoy wiiware games on my wii as well as some casual games such as wii sports, super mario galaxy , etc. My nintendo DS is just something i can use if i travel or something, i don't play it that much but im waiting until christmas to get a few more games for it. I DID have a playstation 3, and decided to trade it in (stupid me). I didn't play it when i had it, but i enjoy blu ray. I now regret the decision because of a few things: Playstation Home, LittleBigPlanet ( Im a graphic artist and this looks great! ), and infamous, and of course blu ray. I may get another one in the future, but im not sure right now. I also have a 32" Olevia HDTV in my room, a nice budget television. I played WoW for 6 months, got to level 63 and decided im not wasting my life like i did in diablo 2. Right now im looking forward to several games: Fallout 3, Fable 2 (out in a few days!), Gears 2, and several more. I also can't wait for the new Xbox Experience. Well this is so far my entire gaming life, i bet most people wont read it but if you did, let me know what you think (lol).