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Yesterday a producer at Capcom hinted that Resident Evil 7 is in the pipeline, telling us to "stay tuned" on it. Before Resident Evil 5 the idea of a new core RE game would have made me excited, but I didn't like RE 5 a whole lot and I skipped RE 6 entirely in hopes of at least preserving my respect for the series. So the question is, do you even want Resident Evil 7 to happen? Horror games have changed gears lately, with games like Until Dawn and SOMA changing up the formula considerably, focusing on the psychological aspect of horror vs. the physical.

Is it better to leave the Resident Evil series alone at this point, conceding that Capcom is no longer capable of delivering a horror game in the modern age, or do you want to see them give it another shot?

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Anything with an Apple logo on it, basically. The same applies to nearly any mobile device.

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World of Warcraft is the only game that's ever served as a comfort game for me. It's a game I still play actively today, consuming the content of the new expansion, but running around both old and new areas of the world serves as a nice getaway from life's stresses and anxieties.