This Year #18: The best of Idle Thumbs (6 hrs)

Idle Thumbs! There's talk that it was a pretty good podcast. We at This Year produce best-of shows for the greatest podcasts out there, and it was time to cover this fine  gaming podcast.
Here's a link to our RSS feed, our original blog post, and a direct link to the MP3 file (6 hours/144MB).

Idle Thumbs casts its pod into your face with hilarious talk about video gaming. Of Idle Thumbs, purportedly noted “it’s so good it’ll rupture your ear drums and blow you into the ionosphere.” Riffing on both the legitimate and ridiculous sides of the video game industry, Chris Remo, Nick Breckon, and Jake Rodkin provided commentary that, if not wonderfully bizarre, was always intelligent. Remo, Breckon, and Rodkin muse about console exclusivity, malevolent miners on Mars, and the Citizen Kane of video games. What is Gordon Freeman really like? What would a Shadow of the Colossus movie be like? Video games come alive, computers make horrific noises, fanboys whine and wizards of various qualities enter our realm. And there is no greater joy in our world than rolling a grenade down a hill in Far Cry 2.

 Here are the timestamps:

0:18:30 – Call of Juarez
0:34:00 – MMO experiences
0:54:00 – LittleBigPlanet
1:06:00 – Flower
1:27:30 – Crysis Warhead
1:34:00 – Total War series
1:46:30 – Red Faction Guerilla

2:10:30 – Shadow of the Colossus movie
2:30:30 – Tekken 6 goes multiplatform
3:16:00 – Dragon Age: Origins
3:30:00 – Killzone 2 is a perfect video game
3:58:00 – Mass Effect 2 trailer

4:32:30 – The character of Gordon Freeman
4:41:30 – Game developers don’t play video games
4:50:30 – Cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid
4:59:30 – A dream about J Allard
5:10:00 – Console fanboys
5:17:30 – The end of Idle Thumbs
5:31:00 – Outtakes

We'll have Giant Bombcast - best of 2011 in just a month or so, and then immediately afterward we'll have the best of the Giant Bombcast for 2008. Then we'll finish the work we started with GFW Radio. In terms of non-gaming podcasts, it's full steam ahead with our Adam Carolla recaps, and the first show of 2012 will be a best-of for Loveline, for the year of 2001.
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