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One of few games that actually deliver on its hype. 0

The good: Smooth and greatly designed gameplay, the best technical graphics ever seen in a video game, great atmosphere much thanks to the tone setting music and sound-effects, great online, co-op is a blast, the chainsaw bayonet alone makes the game The Bad: The campaign bit on the short side and the online multiplayer could have had some more modes, the story could have been more fleshed out, In Gears of War you play as this bigass and pissed dude called Marcus Fenix who has been put in pris...

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Takes an old concept and makes it feel fresh all over again. 0

The Good: Interesting set of characters, superbly composed music, great voice acting, basic yet very deep battle and character customization system, beautiful graphics, a massive and immersive world to explore, the experience spands over 3 discs The Bad: Lacks in challenge, unstable framerate hurts an otherwise gorgeus looking game Young lad Shu is having a good time relaxing and wathing over his peaceful little village of his when suddenly a dark purple mist fills the area, everyone runs to s...

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One of the best and unique action/adventure game for the Xbox 360 0

The Good:Being able to use practically everything as a weapon makes for a great and unique gameplay experience, entertaining boss-battles great story, good graphics, awesome sound-effects and the save-system makes the game challenging and also gives it great replay valueThe Bad:The AI of the bosses and survivors tend to be quite dumb sometimes, Very few saving locations and saving your game with to little time left on the clock can be a disaster, also Otis bloody phone calls during the missions ...

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One of the best action/adventure games ever now for PS3. 0

The Good: Improved graphics over the original, some added music, challenging, slick animations, amazing bossfights, added tweaks that removes some frustration, deep and rewarding combat system, female character Rachel is now playable.The Bad: Rachel's missions could have been lengthier and more robust, not all changes are necessarily for the better, some signs of age, missing unlockables, bad and unnecessary use of the Sixasis motion controls, doesn't come at a reduced price.To quickly sum up th...

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Super Ninja Ryu Hayabusa is back and bloodier than ever. 0

The Good: If the core combat wasn't perfected before it certainly has been now, some of the best animations in the business, finally features real successive play , longer than the first game, improved interface, great boss fights, great new weapon additions, amazing cutscenes, incredibly brutal.The Bad: Water combat is more frustrating than fun, suffers from some performance issues, no stand alone challenge mode, some boring levels, the Ninja Cinema feature doesn't work very well.Since I had be...

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