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A game for younger children. 0

It’s amazing how games change over time, isn’t it? I got this game for Christmas several years back. I was younger, and I loved it. It was fun, but very short. Now, I play it again, and I realize the obvious flaws. Gameplay: The usual platforming. You have to weapons: a staff and a pipe that shoots darts. The dart thing is basically useless, but works for the beginning of the game. The other is a lot better. Later on, you gain the ability to charge your staff. I wish I could say that this adds...

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A great game, one of the greatest available on ps2. 2

Kingdom Hearts is an awesome game. It successfully combines two almost completely different properties, an act that no one thought would work, into an experience like no other. Its few flaws do almost nothing to damage the overall experience. Gameplay: The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts combines the menu of an rpg and the button mashing action of an action game. You play as Sora, the main hero, with ai controlled allies, Donald and Goofy. These allies work fine, but an option to have a friend com...

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