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So I'm Writing A Novel - Update 3: Writer's Block

So last time I wrote one of these, I was around 14,000 words into my book. Now, I've been travelling/working at my actual job like crazy for the past few weeks. That translates to not having a ton of time to write. So at this moment, I'm hovering at just south of 15,000 words... now granted, I went back and revised and removed some sections I wasn't thrilled with. But even still, my progress has slowed pretty significantly. I'm trying my best not to let that get me down.

Either way, I know where I want my story to go, but I'm having issues finding a way to connect where I am now to where it needs to wind up. On top of that, I'm second guessing some of my previous work. It's all a bit frustrating. I figured that maybe writing this would force me to put it out there and maybe get me some level of motivation. I just wish it was coming as easily as it was before.

Anyway, as usual, the book can be read in my Google Doc here.