Best Games of 2017

May fav games of 2017 (no real order)

Yes, i did play Nier (kinda boring), Persona 5 and Zelda and they are are.. fine.. not in the "best games"

still more stuff is coming (9/5)

shadow of war, dishonored 2 dlc, Destiny 2, Wolfenstien 2, Vampyr

List items

  • The Chosen DLC was Amazing. Best xcom every (and much better than the "ok" base xcom 2 game.

  • Who would have thought i'd like a RE game.. but this one is darn good. Play it on a HDR screen (ideally OLED too)

  • the real enjoyment comes for searching every room, reading, sneaking. It isn't great (like Arkane games) if you just main line it.

  • More Original sin! So good.

  • While looking like someone made the game over a weekend.. year ago. It is janky fun.

  • Great story and a lot of fun murder robots. The world is a bit soulless, but the gameplay and bigger story make up for it. Do play it on a ps4 pro in 4k and HDR.