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Pump It Up, often abbreviated PIU, is a franchise of arcade, console and portable video games developed by Andamiro, a South Korean arcade game manufacturer.

The arcade dance games were representative of South Korean arcade scene from the late 90's to early 2000's, leading a huge boom of arcades - often referred to as the Renaissance of arcades in South Korea. After the popularity of arcades died down around the early 2000's, Pump It Up continued to be a success internationally, especially in Latin America.

Relationship with Dance Dance Revolution

In the beginning, there is no denying that PIU is a direct rip-off of DDR. It is objectively obvious that the dance pad is the inverse of DDR pad; instead of up-down-left-right pattern, the buttons are four diagonals and a center button. Simply put, PIU was simply yet another DDR clone in the sea of clones that were developed in the late 90's.

As the arcade games progressed - after yearly (or sometimes even more frequent) updates to the UI and songs, the gameplay also started to diverge from core DDR mechanics. For example:

  • Introduction of hold notes (before DDR)
  • Usage of USB sticks for tracking progress
  • Focus on high difficulty step charts as opposed to DDR's focus on accuracy.

List of Arcade Releases

TitleRelease DateRegionNotes
Pump It UpAugust 1999S. Korea
Pump It Up 2ndDecember 1999S. Korea
Pump It Up 3rd: The O.B.G.May 2000S. Korea
Pump It Up The O.B.G. Season EvolutionSeptember 2000S. Korea
Pump It Up The CollectionNovember 2000S. Korea
Pump It Up The Perfect CollectionDecember 2000S. Korea

Third game in the same year (2000)

Revamped interface

Pump It Up EXTRAFebruary 2001S. Korea, Latin America

First international release

Only game developed by second party (F2)

Pump It Up The PremiereJuly 2001EuropeFirst EU release
Pump It Up The PrexNovember 2001Latin America
Pump It Up The RebirthJanuary 2002S. Korea
Pump It Up The Premiere 2March 2002Europe
Pump It Up The Prex 2November 2002Latin America
Pump It Up The Premiere 3May 2003Europe
Pump It Up The Prex 3October 2003S. Korea, Latin America
Pump It Up EXCEEDApril 2004WorldwideFirst worldwide release
Pump It Up EXCEED 2December 2004Worldwide
Pump It Up ZEROFebruary 2006Worldwide
Pump It Up New Xenesis (NX)December 2006Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania
Pump It Up ProAugust 2007N. AmericaFirst game based on Stepmania engine, co-developed by American developers
Pump It Up NX2 ~Next Xenesis~January 2008Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania
Pump It Up NX AbsoluteDecember 2008Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania
Pump It Up FIESTAMarch 2010Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania
Pump It Up Pro 2April 2010N. America
Pump It Up FIESTA EXMarch 2011Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania
Pump It Up FIESTA 2November 2012Asia, Latin America, Oceania
Pump It Up INFINITYApril 2013N. America, Europe

List of Home Releases

The Fusion - 1st & 2nd Dance FloorPCIncluded a PIU pad that connected to an adapter. The inputs to the adapter were ps/2 connection from a PIU pad and a ps/2 keyboard; the output was a ps/2 port into the PC. The adapter had a switch that allowed either the keyboard or the dance pad to be enabled - one at a time. The dance mat produced keyboard inputs, but reversed vertically (i.e., Q and E were mapped to bottom left and bottom right, S to center, Z and C to top left and top right) as a measure to prevent playing with a keyboard.
The Fusion - 3rd O.B.G. Dance FloorPCSold as both a bundle with dance mat, and also as a standalone disc.
The Fusion - Season Evolution O.B.G.PCSold as a standalone disc only.
The Fusion - Perfect CollectionPC
The Evolutionary Dance FloorPCInternational release; a USB dance mat was included. The game is most similar to Season Evolution O.B.G. with some Banya songs excluded.
Banya CollectionPCSecond international release.
The PREX 3PCKorea and International; last PC release.
EXCEEDPS2Korea; first console release.
EXCEED SEPS2, XBOXNorth America. DLCs were available on Xbox Live version.
EXCEED PortablePSPKorea.
Zero PortablePSPKorea. Last home version release.

Other Releases and Spin-Offs

  • Pump It Up Jump
    • Released internationally; a small cabinet designed for small children based on PRO software, using Stepmania-based engine.
  • Pump It Up Fitness
    • Shown at GSTAR 2013; never released.

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