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  • A Thunder Gun explosion
  • A Ray Gun that shoots in a circle
  • A China Lake that spins in a circle
  • Spawns a Black Hole
  • Spawns a semtex
  • Spawns a frag grenade
  • Revives a partner
  • Opens or closes a door
  • Shoots a Wunderwaffe shot
  • A SPAS-12 that shoots in a circle
  • Teleports player(s)
  • Spawns power up: Nuke, Max Ammo, Bonus Points, Double Points, Death Machine, Random Perk Bottle, Carpenter, Insta-Kill, or a Fire Sale.
  • Spawns zombies
  • Gives all players a free perk
  • Takes away a perk
  • Drops a grab-able Pack-a-Punched weapon
  • Gives player un-upgraded version of Pack-a-Punched weapon
  • Downs a player
  • Nothing

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