Atlus brings joy. A new Radiant Historia!

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In this, the year in which it is the best time to be playing video games, Atlus has decided to announce another Radiant Historia!

If any of you stalked me on these forums (which is beyond improbable), you would have noticed the multiple times I made a sad comment about how another Radiant Historia would be wonderful. After such a long while, I didn't think the day would come, but here we are. The announcement is here and the official reveal will be March 23rd in Famitsu.


Wait a this thing going to be on the Switch?

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#2 Posted by Zeik (4578 posts) -

Holy shit, really? I honestly never expected to get a sequel to that game.

If this thing is on Switch it might be the final straw that convinces me to buy one. My bets are on 3DS though.

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I can't remember anything about the last game at this point, just that Stocke was a pretty cool protagonist. Really looking forward to seeing if they plan on maybe remaking the first game as well.

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@redyoshi said:

Really looking forward to seeing if they plan on maybe remaking the first game as well.

Hmmm, could be a remake given the wording. It's just that the game deals with time travel, so that makes it a bit more ambiguous.

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#5 Posted by Redhotchilimist (1782 posts) -

I always wanted to play this, but it was one of those games you had to order rather than be able to find in a local store. It's cool that they're making a sequel.

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I don't usually like JRPGs but I tried this for a few hours last year because it was such a highly regarded DS game and really liked what I played. Need to go back and beat it some day.

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#7 Posted by forteexe21 (1420 posts) -

I really want to play it but fucking hard to find in store here.

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#8 Posted by imhungry (657 posts) -

This is the best news! I really loved that game. Had a fantastic battle system that actually required some thought in its variability and a cool and surprisingly not incoherent/plot-hole ridden time travel story. Highly recommend that y'all check it out if you can!

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#9 Posted by joshth (671 posts) -

That's unexpected and super great to hear! I would really rather it not be on a 3DS, much prefer something like a Switch or a home console, but I'll take what I can get. Radiant Historia had so much cool stuff going for it.

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#10 Posted by Marz (6055 posts) -

it'd be great if it's on the switch, that thing could use more games and I wouldn't mind making it my jrpg machine to go along with my PC.

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#11 Posted by Slag (7351 posts) -

Sweet! I'm definitely in.

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#12 Posted by Justin258 (14484 posts) -

Hopefully it comes with some kind reprint or rerelease of the original, that thing is kinda hard to find now. Or it was when I finally bought a copy.

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#13 Posted by Slax (1099 posts) -

That first game was real good! This is exciting!!

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#15 Posted by TheWildCard (389 posts) -

I own the original but never got more than 10 hours into it. Might be an excuse to give it another go?

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#16 Posted by ocelotfox (96 posts) -

Radiant Historia is easily one of my favorite RPGs of the last decade or so. Glad to see it's getting a sequel!

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Perfect! I literally just got the first one from PAX!

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#18 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6611 posts) -

FUCK YEAH! This is one of the best games for the DS in my opinion. I'd gladly welcome a remake. It's too good of a game to be forgotten like it has.

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I've owned the original game for years (ever since they did that reprint run) but never got more than an hour into it. I'm guessing I should fix that?

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Kinda bummed it's just a remake after getting hyped for a sequel, but the game was good enough I'll probably still buy it.

And hey, maybe if it actually sells this time we can get an actual sequel.

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#21 Posted by oldenglishc (1322 posts) -

I went from full-on giddy to meh as soon as I looked into the details. The parts where it's a remake of the first game, with different looking character art, and on 3DS instead of Switch are all kind of let downs.

(But I'll still buy it if it's localized just to play the new scenario. Because, god damn, that's a good game.)

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