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Released in Asia and Japan only, Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail takes place in Taiwan, along the real-world Taiwan High Speed Rail line between Taipei in the North, and Zuoying to the South. Like all PS3 games, it is region-free, and may be played on consoles worldwide.

Like the previous game in the series, Taiwan High Speed Rail uses full-HD footage of the rail line. The player is responsible for driving at the appropriate speeds and reaching stations on schedule. There are game modes which score the player based on total time spent on the route, energy used, or accuracy in stopping the train at stations.

The game also includes a mode highlighting tourist spots along the route, with mentions of historic locations as well as sightseeing spots and restaurants.

As the game takes place in Taiwan, the Asian market version was released first, on July 12, 2007. This version supported both Traditional Chinese and English text. Later in the year, a version was released in Japan that added Japanese text support in addition to the existing options. Voiceovers in the game are done in either Mandarin, Taiwanese, or English (for the crew) and English (for the train drivers). English was used for the drivers because initially most of the train drivers along the high speed line were from Europe.

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