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Raskulls is an action platformer exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade. It was originally in development for the Nintendo DS, however the increasing technical requirements and online capabilities of the Xbox 360 were viewed favorably, and so


began work on creating it for XBLA.


Dragon loves King unhealthily
Dragon loves King unhealthily

The games follows the adventures of the


, who are a cast of cartoonish characters with a basic skeleton design. Similar iconic characters include




, who have a basic profile which vary with different costumes. The main characters for the three worlds are Dragon, Ninja, and King, with the antagonist being the pirate rat Captain Turncoat. Doug from "A Kingdom for Kefflings" and Milo (or Ilo) from "Ilomilo" are unlocked if their respective games have been purchased. There are over 20 different skulls, and while they are unplayable in the story mode, they can be unlocked for multiplayer mode by beating challenges.


 A shot of an in-game race.
A shot of an in-game race.

Gameplay is described as a mix between platforming, puzzle and racing. The basic concept involves navigating levels while using a special wand to smash blocks of different shapes and colors and run through efficiently. The single-player story mode includes an overworld map with many individual levels. Each level has different requirements for completion. For example, one could be a footrace through the level against up to three other Raskulls, where the first player to make it to the finish line, all the while smashing blocks and finding the best path through, will win. There are a number of other puzzle types, such as Disable the bomb, unlimited Frenzy races, Lap Trials, Save the delicate item, Curse and Tag matches, Zap Limit Puzzles and Falling Finish line matches. These are all single player only matches.


Multiplayer consists primarily of the racing portion of gameplay, although combat and powerups play quite a significant role. Up to four players can race locally or via Xbox Live, and must run to the finish line while smashing blocks and picking up helpful items which may give the player an advantage. There are 4 "Grand Prix" courses that can be selected, consisting of 4 maps related to the different worlds found in the story. The course can be selected by consensus or chosen randomly. The only game type that is available for multiplayer is normal race.

Design a Raskull Competition


On May 6th 2009,


announced the Design a Raskull Competition. Entrants could download the "Raskully Template" and draw their own character to submit to the studio. The winner of the most original and creative design would have their entry included in the final game on XBLA, and also receive a copy of the game, a Halfbrick t-shirt and a limited edition King figurine. Two runner-up winners would also receive a copy of the game and merchandise. On June 26th a winner was announced, and the chosen skull was Police, a police-themed skull with a siren on his head.

Avatar Awards

This features the following

avatar awards


Giant King Mask has nothing but disdain for you
Giant King Mask has nothing but disdain for you

Raskulls Reinforcements

Raskulls first Downloadable content pack includes 4 new characters and 1 new Grand Prix. The Characters include Viking, Spaceman, Kitten and Barney, one of Captain J.Turncoats loyal sidekicks. The included Grand Prix is the Shiny Stone Cup.

The second downloadable content pack (Raskulls Reinforcements 2) also includes 4 new characters. They are General Battlebones, Robot, Witchdoctor and Scurv, the "Dumbest of all the evil henchman".

Both packs are available for 160 Microsoft Points.

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