Full Roster Trailer - Still No Leon.

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Now I've been holding off on a big reveal for Leon since with Chris being in this they're naturally going to bank on putting a trailer featuring Chris and Leon tag-teaming up some centipede in sheep's clothing. But here we've got a trailer showcasing all of the characters revealed thus far, which you'd expect is to give a certified list of what the ensemble consists of. Through it all there's still no Leon, however. I'm not one to rank Leon as one of my favourite RE characters, but his significance within the series is hard to miss, with him starring in two of the series most heralded titles. Mercenaries 3D even includes levels from Resident Evil 4, and Krauser himself--which entered in with Leon would of made a brilliant yang to the slots taken up by the leading homosexually charged rivalry between Chris and Wesker--is among the lot. 
So it's weird to have a trailer such as this which is strongly implied to be the full stop for this rag-tag assortment of fan-service. Maybe they're building up this mystique about whether Leon will in fact appear, and is leaving the Chris/Leon trailer (one of the most understandably sought for tag-teams) to the last minute; or maybe they'll disgustingly have Leon as a DLC character; or maybe they're saving this inevitable (should the series still continue with this overly-muddled canon they've trapped themselves in with) partnership for an actual story title. It should be noted that the original teaser-poster giving a glimpse into a lot of the upcoming characters (after the original debut with Chris, Jill, Claire, and Hunk), via silhouettes, have all been filled out leaving no room for the bingo loving Rookie-Cop-Ninja-Agent. Whatever the case, there's still around a month till its release so plenty of time for that aforementioned Leon trailer to crop up. Until then, here's a still rather well done, and surprisingly dramatic, trailer giving you a quick reminder of the eight that fill the Mercenary ranks thus far.
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At least they have Barry!

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What in the flying fuck is wrong with Capcom? Literally, what is their major malfunction? NO FUCKING LEON?
You mean to tell me Rebecca and Berry gets in. BUT NO LEON? Greatest fucking injustice in gaming today.
How can you not have Leon in that game. Literally, how? I'm still fuming over this.
He better be revealed as DLC for the game. I mean seriously.

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I like having Barry in, but yeah... Rebecca over Leon... Come on brah

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